Definition of song thrush in US English:

song thrush


  • A common European and central Asian thrush with a buff spotted breast, having a loud song in which each phrase is repeated two or three times.

    Turdus philomelos, subfamily Turdinae, family Muscicapidae

    • ‘Birds suffering the steepest falls include the blackbird, dunnock, song thrush, and four types of warbler.’
    • ‘According to the massive Birds of the Western Palearctic the song thrush possesses the largest repertoire of any European thrush.’
    • ‘The four biggest losers since the first Big Garden Birdwatch in 1979 have been the starling, house sparrow, song thrush and blackbird.’
    • ‘Best known in Britain and W. Europe are the beloved song thrush, T. philomelos, and the mistle thrush, T. viscivorus.’
    • ‘These include such species as black grouse and curlew, which are associated with upland areas, as well as the song thrush, spotted flycatcher and linnet.’


song thrush

/ˈsôNG ˌTHrəSH/