Definition of somnambulistically in US English:



  • See somnambulism

    • ‘An outraged crowd readies to raze the community, but once again they do so without passion, somnambulistically moving along, tending over the duties handed to them by chance.’
    • ‘Characters somnambulistically move in and out of frames, ghosts of feeling and thinking human beings.’
    • ‘In one painting, for example, a stout Leger-like woman, rigid and flat in form and stultified in motion, wanders somnambulistically away from a voluptuously puffed red love seat.’
    • ‘You have to feel the heavyweight, soft, supple, sensual cottons and somnambulistically draping fabrics.’
    • ‘In the Resurrection, set in Piero's home town of Sansepolcro, Christ emerges somnambulistically from a sarcophagus against which the sleeping guards lie - a strange and disturbing image.’