Definition of somnambulistic in US English:



  • See somnambulism

    • ‘The central character, a Woman who works in a convenience store (played with somnambulistic perfection by Maureen Gammelseter) is the the film's central focus.’
    • ‘While the British state, however reluctantly, was substantially increasing its involvement in Northern Ireland, the Irish government's approach was somnambulistic.’
    • ‘Neither cinema's guileful cultural artifacts nor the somnambulistic, moribund jargon that unpacks them know anything about that.’
    • ‘Their debut album, The Acrobat, catches night-bruised piano-pop songs meandering into weary and somnambulistic discord.’
    • ‘Fortunately the highlights of the trip outweigh the overly somnambulistic detours, proving that it's the journey, not the destination that matters most.’