Definition of somewhat of in US English:

somewhat of


  • Something of.

    ‘it was somewhat of a disappointment’
    • ‘The change has been somewhat of an adjustment for pilots used to flying in the dark by instrumentation alone.’
    • ‘Like Winston, he noted how the debate has come to somewhat of a standstill.’
    • ‘Hiding what I disapprove of on my face is somewhat of a challenge.’
    • ‘And it's time we did something about what is turning into somewhat of a national menace.’
    • ‘Choosing the right cruise line and cruise itinerary can be somewhat of a challenge.’
    • ‘She sees an opening in the market for the services she offers and believes that these are somewhat of a new concept here.’
    • ‘Well perhaps that's somewhat of an exaggeration but you get my drift!’
    • ‘He left school when he was 12 years old and, by his own admission, became somewhat of a recluse.’
    • ‘Every little sound echoed causing somewhat of a microphonic effect.’
    • ‘Far fewer people speak English in the suburbs, so going out for dinner becomes somewhat of an adventure.’