Definition of something has someone's name on it in US English:

something has someone's name on it


  • A person is destined or particularly suited to receive or experience a specified thing.

    ‘he feared the next bullet would have his name on it’
    • ‘But, like the barrier, neither bullet had my name on it and I managed to get away.’
    • ‘That bomb in distant Jakarta had your name on it.’
    • ‘One of those instant decisions - this is where I want to live. This place has my name on it.’
    • ‘Nearly every plan and dream had Helen 's name on it.’
    • ‘We're a hell of a moving target every time we go to sea and who's to say that a torpedo doesn't have our name on it and we end up at the bottom of the Pacific.’
    • ‘It's the only job I've ever been at all Machiavellian about because, as far as I was concerned, it had my name on it.’
    • ‘He has been running well in defeat this summer and this £10,000 prize could well have his name on it.’
    • ‘Yet it is for hitting form so spectacularly in Japan and Korea in the summer, that the award really must have his name on it.’
    • ‘The disappointed visitors were applauded off by relieved Everton fans who must surely now feel that the cup has their name on it.’
    • ‘Any senior official suggesting events were inevitable, that the next bomb could have your name on it, would probably have been sacked for undermining public confidence.’