Definition of some little in US English:

some little


  • A considerable amount of.

    ‘we are going to be working together for some little time yet’
    • ‘For some little time now, the newspapers… have been handing it to the hockey player.’
    • ‘The signs that all is not well at United have been there for some little time, perhaps as long as two or three years.’
    • ‘My consequent lack of concern was therefore, a source of some little friction between self and fire-breather.’
    • ‘There were many eights of them, gathered together some little distance from Kopporu.’
    • ‘There was some little consolation for Carlow when Rory Mulvanney raised the green flag.’
    • ‘I think this would have been easily answered some little time ago if we had been clearer on the first point of order I raised.’
    • ‘This caused me to be quiet some little time, thinking on it.’
    • ‘That, obviously, will take us some little time - I do not expect the Opposition to be rushing it.’
    • ‘The predator with some little intelligence discards the decoy and goes after the better meat.’