Definition of somatostatin in US English:



  • A hormone secreted in the pancreas and pituitary gland that inhibits gastric secretion and somatotropin release.

    • ‘The peptide we have chosen for our study is sandostatin (also known as octreotide), a cyclic analog of the peptide hormone somatostatin.’
    • ‘In the pancreas, somatostatin acts a paracrine inhibitor of other pancreatic hormones and thus also has systemic effects.’
    • ‘They were focally positive for gastrin, somatostatin, and pancreatic polypeptide but tested negative for glucagon, serotonin, insulin, and inhibin.’
    • ‘The secondary antibodies for insulin, glucagon and somatostatin were antirabbit polyclonal antibodies.’
    • ‘The hormones capable of altering the MMC include insulin, pancreatic polypeptide, somatostatin, glucagon, secretin, motilin, gastrin, cholecystokinin, and neurotensin.’