Definition of somatization in US English:


(British somatisation)


  • The production of recurrent and multiple medical symptoms with no discernible organic cause.

    as modifier ‘somatization disorder’
    • ‘A few patients are seriously disabled through a long history of many unexplained symptoms, defined as somatisation disorder.’
    • ‘The psychiatric disorders associated with somatization, specifically anxiety and depression, respond well to pharmacologic treatment.’
    • ‘It's one of a number of different somatoform disorders, the most serious of which is somatization disorder, a condition that is roughly 10 times more common in women than in men.’
    • ‘However, a certain bias in Western psychiatry exists against somatization as an inferior way of dealing with emotions and intrapsychic conflicts.’
    • ‘Relationships between family health and somatization and obsessive-compulsive symptoms were significant for women but not for men.’