Definition of soloist in US English:



  • A singer or other musician who performs a solo.

    ‘he appears as a concerto soloist with all the great British orchestras’
    • ‘At this concert, there will be two soloists, each one performing a work very different from the other.’
    • ‘The agency has its own orchestra consisting of 12 musicians and five soloists.’
    • ‘We played a lot together, and he gave special care to the accompaniment of soloists, which is very rare.’
    • ‘Conductors and soloists had better know it and have it ready if they want to work.’
    • ‘A regular soloist at the National Concert Hall, Scott has fans on both sides of the Atlantic.’
    • ‘She is a well-known accompanist who regularly appears in concerts with soloists and ensembles.’
    • ‘The vocal writing for both soloists and chorus is demanding almost to the point of impracticality.’
    • ‘In the musical numbers soloists and chorus sang with gusto.’
    • ‘However, the sound soon disappears in the welter of notes Sibelius gives his soloists in his only Violin Concerto.’
    • ‘The Sinfonia concertante recorded here features the violin and cello as soloists.’
    • ‘The concert ended with a Mass by Bellini in which the organist, choir and soloists gave a magnificent performance.’
    • ‘Graduals are among the most elaborate of all chants and are performed by soloists and choir in alternation.’
    • ‘The concert will feature soloists and a string orchestra performing a wide variety of songs from Leonard Bernstein to Handel.’
    • ‘During the 1920's, Stravinsky had often been heard as the soloist in his piano concerto.’
    • ‘To chorus, soloists, conductor and orchestra, thank you for an absolutely awesome rendition.’
    • ‘The Finale is superb, featuring splendid singing by the chorus and the quartet of soloists.’
    • ‘The grand finale saw choir soloists and we, the audience, singing Jerusalem.’
    • ‘When he did have strong bass or tenor soloists, Handel could and did write strong parts for them.’
    • ‘The most famous conductors and soloists in the concert halls around the world perform his compositions.’
    • ‘Masterclasses will be taken by a variety of composers and soloists.’
    singer, vocalist, songstress, crooner, warbler, melodist, artiste
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