Definition of solmization in English:



  • A system of associating each note of a scale with a particular syllable, especially to teach singing.

    • ‘Known variously as solmisation, solfeggio or solfège, numerous systems have appeared over the centuries, all fashioned to meet specific needs or based on divergent theories.’
    • ‘Any knowledge on modes, scales, intervals, dissonances, consonances, note names, and solmisation for example was superfluous and hence discarded.’
    • ‘The history of the use of solmisation in voice training has been traced in the west and in India.’
    • ‘Experiments have shown that the technique can achieve 95% correct solmization of the melodies of pop songs.’
    • ‘Music playschools also introduce the children to the basics of solmisation and musical notation.’


Mid 18th century: from French solmisation, based on sol ‘soh’ + mi (see me).