Definition of soliloquize in English:



  • See soliloquy

    • ‘‘Ever till now,’ he soliloquizes, ‘When men were fond, I smiled and wondered how.’’
    • ‘On it, follies are played out on the topmost level, with anguished lovers soliloquizing on the middle level and earthy courtships and pranks played out on terra firma.’
    • ‘The dead-alive Addie soliloquizes about her past life with her husband and the infidelity to him with a local preacher that produced her son.’
    • ‘For an hour and a half, a writer soliloquizes, invades the space, before letting himself be invaded by the music and trying to escape from the performance.’
    • ‘These are the same people who are going to be soliloquising on the steps of the court about how justice has not been done and their client does not deserve to be punished for her crimes.’