Definition of solid state in US English:

solid state


  • The state of matter in which materials are not fluid but retain their boundaries without support, the atoms or molecules occupying fixed positions with respect to one another and unable to move freely.

    • ‘The second peak was attributed to a transition from one solid state to another with the transition temperature and molar enthalpy being designated by Tt and AH, respectively.’
    • ‘Trehalose tends to form a noncrystalline glassy solid state, which probably is what happens inside the cells.’
    • ‘For example, there is solid state, condensed matter, low temperature, and laser physics, which have immediate applications in electronics and optics.’
    • ‘Symposia will focus on pharmaceutical and medicinal chemistry, solid state and material science, and chemistry in homeland defense and terrorism.’
    • ‘Several studies since have claimed to show that melanins in the condensed solid state are indeed semiconductors.’


  • (of a device) making use of the electronic properties of solid semiconductors (as opposed to electron tubes).

    • ‘And he has thrown down a challenge to all the industry's chip and PC makers to realise his vision of computers capable of storing more than a million times more data than current solid state chips.’
    • ‘A couple of advantages these CD based players have is they're either cheaper than hard drive based players, or they hold more than solid state players.’
    • ‘Finally, a different technology relies on catheters with several miniaturized solid state transducers as an alternative to the conventional manometry equipment.’
    • ‘UK-based Memix Direct has begun shipping its USB Memory Watch - a wristwatch with a built-in keychain-style USB solid state hard drive.’
    • ‘In the short term, MRAM is set to replace the now volatile solid state devices that alleviate I / O bottlenecks and supply hot files on large networks.’