Definition of solid in English:



  • 1Firm and stable in shape; not liquid or fluid.

    ‘the stream was frozen solid’
    ‘solid fuels’
    • ‘Particulate air pollution is a mixture of solid particles and liquid droplets that vary in size, composition, and origin.’
    • ‘As a result, the calcium carbonate comes out of solution and is left behind as a tiny bit of solid calcium carbonate.’
    • ‘Time for a nice warming brew then - well, perhaps not - first of all everything liquid was frozen solid, and that even included the cooking oil.’
    • ‘The solid electrolyte is environmentally safer than the liquids used in other batteries.’
    • ‘Hydrocarbons range from natural gas, through light and heavy liquids to solid tars and bitumen.’
    • ‘The simile is appropriate; glass is a super-cooled liquid - solid, yet molecularly amorphous.’
    • ‘Because solid propellant is so stable in storage, the missile can be stored almost indefinitely and yet be ready to launch on short notice.’
    • ‘The solid paraffin melts, changing into a thick molasses-like liquid.’
    • ‘A third type, called a hybrid, combines a solid fuel with a liquid oxidizer.’
    • ‘A liquid crystal is a substance that apparently falls between the solid and liquid states.’
    • ‘When heated this produces methane gas and a solid residue of sodium carbonate.’
    • ‘The firm began with Mr Wilson selling small amounts of coal, and is now the oldest solid fuel firm in the area, with a very loyal customer base.’
    • ‘Currently, most rockets use a solid or liquid propellant that relies on a chemical reaction between fuel and oxidizer for thrust.’
    • ‘The triple point of water is the temperature at which gas, liquid and solid phases are in equilibrium - just above freezing.’
    • ‘They were both found to have died from carbon monoxide poisoning from their solid fuel boiler.’
    • ‘The tar consists of solid particles and vapors that condense to liquid as they contact the cooler filter.’
    • ‘Most launch vehicles use liquid propellants, but some use motors with solid fuels.’
    • ‘You've learned that the Universe is a solid structure and so you've resigned to it, but the Universe is not exactly solid, it is fluid.’
    • ‘SpaceShipOne uses a hybrid rocket engine that uses both liquid and solid propellant to propel it into space.’
    • ‘This process would produce a substance that remained liquid when hot and solid when cooled.’
    hard, rock-hard, rigid, firm, solidified, set, frozen, jellied, congealed, concrete
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    1. 1.1 Strongly built or made of strong materials; not flimsy or slender.
      ‘a solid door with good, secure locks’
      • ‘A really solid, sculptural dining table may work well as a stand-alone piece.’
      • ‘I felt compelled to buy a very solid, very heavy rounders bat after I saw it.’
      • ‘And I feel really solid and strong and I have a lot of joy in my life.’
      • ‘The walls, of course, are built of solid material.’
      • ‘The little hut was ugly, but it made a strong, solid dwelling.’
      • ‘At 39, he is six foot plus of solid framework, with a short, brush-spiked crew-cut and a welcoming smile.’
      • ‘He was a very impressive figure, muscular and solid.’
      • ‘The fins themselves had to change from a fan of slender fin-rays to more solid load-bearing digits.’
      • ‘The material wedged into a solid cradle at its base, ballast to prevent its tipping, must have been shattered by the force of its fall.’
      • ‘You cannot build a skyscraper without a solid foundation, strong steel and good building materials.’
      • ‘Her voice was solid and strong, but her eyes were spilling tears.’
      • ‘Stand-ins for the Paramount movie logo, they represent, like the original, an idealised America: solid, strong, historic.’
      • ‘I'm nearly six feet of solid girl with large hips and long legs!’
      • ‘Stacking large slabs on one another against a spine of uprights within a revetment wall seems a very effective way to create an illusion of a well built and solid cairn.’
      • ‘Cross-country fences are traditionally made out of solid materials such as tree trunks, and do not collapse like show jumps when struck.’
      • ‘The leather steering wheel is bigger than the average, the door handles strong and solid and the pedals sporty.’
      • ‘It's possible that she could compete at 18 as a solid six footer.’
      • ‘The Porter on duty was a big, solid chap with a strong, creased face.’
      • ‘Imagine that you are surrounded by an outer shell that is made of a solid material - so strong that nothing can get through to hurt you.’
      • ‘They made handguns to a high standard and of a strong, solid frame design.’
      well built, well constructed, sound, substantial, strong, sturdy, stout, durable, stable
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  • 2Having three dimensions.

    ‘a solid figure with six plane faces’
    • ‘This is the first solid figure, the three-dimensional form of the triangle.’
    • ‘Theodosius defines a sphere to be a solid figure with the property that any point on its surface is at a constant distance from a fixed point (the centre of the sphere).’
    • ‘Take a solid object, such as a cube which has width, length, and height.’
    • ‘Yes there is, for Piero illustrates the text with diagrams of solid figures drawn in perspective.’
    • ‘He also gives rules for measuring both plane and solid figures, often using arches as examples.’
    1. 2.1attributive Concerned with objects having three dimensions.
      ‘solid geometry’
      • ‘References to Euclid's work on solid geometry clearly no longer looked intimidating.’
      • ‘He goes on to consider solid geometry giving results on prisms, cylinders, and spheres.’
      • ‘In the Republic, Plato is critical of the solid geometry of his day, but his criticism makes no mention of the use of instruments.’
      • ‘We are not yet collectively convinced that the need is compelling, despite the wide applicability of fluid and solid mechanics.’
      • ‘The first students of conic sections, and possibly Theaetetus, the creator of solid geometry, were members of the Academy.’
  • 3Not hollow or containing spaces or gaps.

    ‘a sculpture made out of solid rock’
    ‘a solid mass of flowers’
    ‘the stores were packed solid’
    • ‘The opening shower didn't feel like rain, it was more like a solid mass of water that fell, hit the roofs and the streets and rebounded into a spray that hung around our ankles.’
    • ‘There, he fitted the tied brushes in the bamboo poles and changed hollow brushes into solid brushes.’
    • ‘While small sculptures may be solid, most casts are hollow shells.’
    • ‘In the process of being buried under other sediments, these ooids can fuse into a solid mass of sedimentary rock called oolite.’
    • ‘Apart from being very difficult to cast a solid bronze figure without distortion, the weight would be a major problem.’
    • ‘A solid mass of white water surged around great pinnacles of rock, over a hundred feet below me.’
    • ‘Opening up whole, free standing buildings out of solid rock is no mean achievement and these churches amply illustrate that man can indeed move mountains.’
    • ‘That means there is about one inch of dirt before you hit solid rock.’
    • ‘The road from the railway war memorial to Lendal Bridge was a solid mass of people who surged after the limousine towards the city centre.’
    • ‘The computational domain is limited to a quadrant of the solid rock mass including the shaft bottom.’
    • ‘Two virtually solid granite walls face the campus, while two walls of glass open up to views of the woods beyond.’
    • ‘It would be better if it were backed with a sturdy door of solid American oak that could be slammed shut and dead-bolted when necessary.’
    • ‘The bright and dark patterns on Titan's surface may be regions of solid ice and of liquid hydrocarbons.’
    • ‘Right now, in a factory in the Far East, a 6ft-high solid bronze sculpture of an animal is being made for the garden.’
    • ‘The theater is a cavernous space, seemingly carved from a solid mass of desert rock, like Petra, in Jordan.’
    • ‘However, it is generally recognized that this assumption is applicable to virtually no solid tumor growing in vivo.’
    • ‘We think that rocks and crystals are solid when in fact they were made up mostly of spaces in between atoms, he argued.’
    • ‘Most magic tricks are done with specially made gadgets that are deceptively hollow but which look solid.’
    • ‘I think of it as arising from pain fibers that are not mucosal but deeper in hollow organs or in solid masses.’
    • ‘This sculpture is not a solid block of concrete.’
    1. 3.1 Consisting of the same substance throughout.
      ‘solid silver cutlery’
      • ‘Hopes of completing the nation's first memorial to the ill-fated HMAS Sydney could rest on the wings of a solid silver seagull.’
      • ‘Not surprisingly, the Hunter 1250 features solid steel construction throughout.’
      • ‘The apartment itself has solid oak flooring throughout and the inner hall features built-in floor to ceiling fitted wardrobes.’
      • ‘There had been plans to produce a replica in solid silver for Prince John, but he died before it was made.’
      • ‘They are fitted out with solid wood floors throughout and marble tiling in the bathrooms and shower rooms.’
      • ‘The house measures 167 square metres and has solid timber flooring throughout, a maple kitchen and an ADSL line in the study.’
      • ‘This certainly chimes better with the Queen's own view of the world, in which even the corgis eat out of solid silver bowls.’
      • ‘Within Islam, Muhammad is never pictured; therefore, Demi depicts him as a profile figure of solid gold.’
      • ‘Furniture is constructed of solid wood and natural materials.’
      • ‘On display was a solid silver bitter dish which was presented to the show society over 100 years ago as the perpetual cup for the best dairy cow of any breed or class.’
      • ‘In this study by IARC, other known carcinogenic substances in solid wood were not identified.’
      • ‘He came by the solid silver foot-high treasure after it was taken from the ruins of Goering's country home at the end of Second World War by a British soldier.’
      • ‘It is a beautiful solid silver trophy, befitting the memory of a great but modest man.’
      • ‘Candlesticks are adorned with feathers or solid silver wire.’
      • ‘The cup, made from solid silver, has been kindly donated to Cumbria Sport, the organisers of the Games, by the Cumbria Playing Fields Association.’
      • ‘The elevated front door opens into a roomy hall decorated in pale aqua and floored in the solid maple that features throughout the living quarters.’
      • ‘I asked her to imagine beginning with a bridge of solid steel, strong enough so that it wouldn't buckle and collapse as cars drove over it.’
      • ‘The insects hitch rides across oceans in wooden crates and other solid wood materials used in shipping, he explains.’
      • ‘All four penthouses have solid beech floors throughout and the other three are extremely bright and have large bay windows.’
      • ‘Mary travels with a lifesize statue of Padre Pio which was carved from a solid piece of Samoan mahogany by Californian sculptor Tom Benson.’
      pure, 24-carat, unalloyed, unmixed, unadulterated, genuine, complete
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    2. 3.2 (of typesetting) without extra space between the lines of characters.
      • ‘Text set solid (no leading) appears cramped, with ascenders almost touching descenders from the previous line.’
    3. 3.3 (of a line or surface) without spaces; unbroken.
      ‘the solid outline encloses the area within which we measured’
      • ‘The solid line depicts the normal least squares regression line.’
      • ‘Thin solid lines enclose a region in which 95% of the simulated data points are expected to lie.’
      • ‘Inverted repeats are marked with a solid line arrow and stemloops are marked with a dashed line arrow.’
      • ‘Directly dated geological boundaries are shown with solid line and grey circle.’
      • ‘Again, solid lines are for mutators and dashed lines for nonmutators.’
      • ‘The solid line, the dotted line, and the dashed line represent the cases of, and, respectively.’
      • ‘Type A is drawn with a solid line and Type B is represented by the dotted line.’
      • ‘The red solid line is the driving that will be done.’
      • ‘The solid line represents cumulative fruit size and the dotted line the pressure applied to the roots.’
      • ‘The mean GUS activity value for each construct is represented by a solid line and the standard error by two dashed lines.’
      • ‘The solid line represents feeding group 1, while the dashed line represents feeding group 2.’
      • ‘A hypothetical rectangular habitat is outlined by a thick solid line.’
      • ‘The solid lines indicate a relationship of instantiation; the broken line indicates the similarity between the instances.’
      • ‘The average values for the whole family are indicated with a solid line for identity and dashed line for similarity.’
      • ‘Treatments are control (filled diamonds, solid line) and lime (filled squares, dotted line).’
      • ‘In the map of Sc-like genes, the solid line represents cloned sequences; the dashed line shows an uncloned region.’
      • ‘The thin solid line represents the main culm; all other line styles for each tiller origin are as shown in Fig.1.’
      • ‘The near side lane going down has only a dashed and solid line, which means overtaking is perfectly legal where safe to do so.’
      • ‘Model output is represented by solid lines, gene expression data by dashed lines.’
      • ‘The solid lines correspond to soft selection, while the dashed lines plot hard selection.’
    4. 3.4 (of time) uninterrupted; continuous.
      postpositive ‘it poured for two hours solid’
      ‘a solid day of meetings’
      • ‘Anyway, he watched his new vicious pet and this pathetic looking streak of yellow fins for three days solid.’
      • ‘Give yourself about six solid months of training to prepare for your first ultra.’
      • ‘She never said a word about the book and when I read it I cried for three days solid.’
      • ‘‘I'd been there for three days solid, just waiting for things to fall into place ’, he says.’
      • ‘Give it a solid three days of good nutrition and see if it makes a difference.’
      • ‘This weekend the Cinémathèque québécoise will be presenting a veritable orgy of animation for three days solid.’
      • ‘It's three days solid with only petrol stations along the way.’
      • ‘I did play it solid for the three-day rental, but I never felt I absolutely had to finish it.’
      • ‘I'd been among their ranks for a solid six hours by the time we got to question period, and honestly, by this point all I could think about was getting the hell out of there.’
      • ‘I have been at sea for more than 30 years and on my very first trip I was sick for three days solid.’
      • ‘No reason at all, unless it was the fact that I had a solid 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep!’
      continuous, uninterrupted, unbroken, non-stop, unremitting, incessant, constant, consecutive, undivided
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    5. 3.5 Unanimous or undivided.
      ‘they received solid support from their teammates’
      • ‘Recall that Latham was elected leader of the Labor Party in December 2003 by just one vote, with the solid support of the Left faction.’
      • ‘The union said it expected solid support for the latest walkouts against SWT in a long-running dispute over pay and disciplinary procedures.’
      • ‘This one-time Democratic bill about reforming the accounting industry now has very, very solid support in the Senate.’
      • ‘He pledged solid US support on a tour to inspect the Asian tsunami damage.’
      • ‘Others are also critical of the ban on groups like the Brotherhood - which have solid grassroots support that could be used in elections.’
      • ‘He has had solid and growing support from his constituents through four elections.’
      • ‘Demonstrators united in a solid show of support for a university professor at the centre of a sacking row.’
      • ‘He knew he needed solid media support to push his reforms.’
      • ‘The controversial talks with Springfield Residents, first revealed on Thursday, are said to have the solid support of the Grand Orange Lodge of Belfast.’
      • ‘One fact, at least, shows that a change in the law has less solid support than suicide self-help groups might like to think they have.’
      • ‘And I believe there's solid support to enable the President to proceed along these grounds.’
      • ‘To achieve all this, we need the solid support of our public.’
      • ‘All three mainline parties can count on solid bedrock support of some minimum percentage of the electorate.’
      • ‘It also enjoys solid support from gays and Hispanics, the nation's fastest-growing minority.’
      • ‘Despite his offences against strict conservative doctrine, Lucas retains a solid core of support among the Christian right.’
      • ‘Wellstone's negatives are already high, and political ads aren't likely to dent his solid base of support.’
      • ‘The 2nd is a fairly solid Republican district.’
      • ‘So far, most polling (no matter how it is spun by the financial press) shows that support for ratifying is solid.’
      • ‘So far, the South Koreans seem solid in their support for the war against Islamofascist terror.’
      • ‘Each of the candidates has a solid core group of support.’
      unanimous, united, uniform, consistent, undivided
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  • 4Dependable; reliable.

    ‘the defense is solid’
    ‘there is solid evidence of lower inflation’
    • ‘Limerick can be depended on to be solid in defence and more than competitive at midfield.’
    • ‘To some he was solid, reliable, well-intentioned and a rugby man to the tips of his bootlaces.’
    • ‘Aquarius, you only want what every other human being wants: a life that's solid, dependable, and fun.’
    • ‘It's built up, as I said, over two or three decades of strong, solid research so if it is the flavour of the day, then there's good reason for it.’
    • ‘They paint the approach as a disarming subterfuge designed to undermine solid evidence that all living things share a common ancestry.’
    • ‘His custodial skills also include a reliable three-point shot, solid defense, and unending hustle.’
    • ‘Golborne were kept goalless by a strong midfield and a solid defence.’
    • ‘Overall, the bench is solid, but not strong enough to lift New Orleans to a division title.’
    • ‘Well, the caller made a really good point about how strong, how solid was the DNA.’
    • ‘But while such signs of speculation are troubling, there is little solid evidence that a real estate bubble is puffing up.’
    • ‘The result is increased reliance on concept stories that don't require solid material like sources and new developments.’
    • ‘The home side got off to much the better start to this J1 game with their solid defence and strong tackling causing problems for the visitors.’
    • ‘I need solid evidence and can't allow my official power to be decided by the media.’
    • ‘A man who has spent over 20 years of his football career at just two clubs is sure to be reliable, solid and trustworthy.’
    • ‘Camp communities are powerful tools in youth development and solid bridges to building strong communities both in and out of camp.’
    • ‘Portlaoise were the better team overall with a solid defence, a strong midfield and an attack that could create and take the scoring chances.’
    • ‘The Nissan Cefiros have had a good reputation all over the world as good, solid, reliable and dependable transport.’
    • ‘All were based on solid research into primary materials.’
    • ‘The culture of the field has always depended far more on intuitive appeal than on solid research evidence.’
    • ‘The real man was solid, dependable, loyal, uncomplaining, quick to act and slow to forgive.’
    well founded, well grounded, valid, sound, reasonable, logical, weighty, authoritative, convincing, cogent, plausible, credible, reliable
    dependable, reliable, firm, unshakeable, trustworthy, stable, steadfast, unfailing, staunch, constant, unwavering
    sensible, level-headed, dependable, trustworthy, down-to-earth, decent, law-abiding, upright, upstanding, worthy
    financially sound, secure, creditworthy, of good financial standing, in funds, profit-making, able to pay its debts, debt-free, solvent, in credit, not in debt, out of debt, in the black
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    1. 4.1 Sound but without any special qualities or flair.
      ‘the rest of the acting is solid’
      • ‘The film had its premiere at the prestigious Sundance Fest in Utah in January, where it played to solid reviews and strong interest from distributors.’
      • ‘Alison Broadley, Debbie Bowman and Edward Cowen are the strongest among a solid cast.’
      • ‘The combination of solid musicianship and quality vocals made this a band to really take note of.’
      • ‘We became more and more desperate for solid teaching and strong fellowship, so we turned to the books on our shelves.’
      • ‘The bottom line is that both sets deliver solid sound quality, although the E1C does deliver better detail in the high midrange.’
      • ‘Sound quality is solid if unspectacular across the board, though the dialogue is a mite whispery in places.’
      • ‘Having a strong brand identity, solid management and positive cash flow mean a lot if your company is to be the market leader.’
      • ‘He'd be there to share his unparalleled work ethic with the team's newcomers and continue to deliver solid numbers night in, and night out.’
      • ‘The day was strongly contested with solid bowling from all the teams.’
      • ‘With strong performances and a solid story, Turn of Faith is worth your time.’
      • ‘It was a solid finish to a strong quarter for much of the credit market.’
      • ‘I was beginning to show fatigue, but he continued on at a solid pace.’
      • ‘The American economy continues on a solid path of recovery.’
      • ‘The site itself is graphically less impressive, but the material is solid.’
      • ‘The Swedish group Harmony of Voices give solid performances throughout.’
      • ‘The acting is uniformly solid, with no character emerging as a lead, and technically, the film is top notch.’
      • ‘Audio/visual quality here is solid, with clean transfer and excellent sound, especially the DTS track.’
      • ‘They buy strong companies with solid management that have fallen out of favor and hold them until their stock prices climb to the true value.’
      • ‘Matthews has undoubtedly produced a record of solid quality, unable to disappoint even the most intoxicated of frat hopping fans.’
      • ‘With good material and a solid director, she shines.’
    2. 4.2US Financially sound.
      ‘the company is very solid and will come through the current recession’
      • ‘Despite all the new ideas, opportunities and routes to market, the one vital piece of the plan is a financially solid business model.’
      • ‘These boast solid credit quality but are yielding as much as two percentage points more than comparable Treasuries.’
      • ‘Before you plunge in, you should be convinced that the line of business is solid.’
      • ‘It is the largest life insurance company in South Africa and financially solid.’
      • ‘You want to look for strong, solid companies, not market timing.’
      • ‘The fund is solid through the year 2041, without any changes whatsoever.’
      • ‘It may be undercapitalized and, disturbingly, not as financially solid as it appears.’
      • ‘Companies with solid business plans continue to get financial backing.’
      • ‘To go forward, a solid financial base and clear vision are needed: a new board?’
      • ‘EDS is a financially solid company with an excellent future.’
      • ‘As far as the conference is concerned, it was a solid investment.’
      • ‘The new constituency is financially solid.’
  • 5solid withUS informal predicative On good terms with.

    ‘he thought he could put himself in solid with you by criticizing her’
    • ‘And now you're in solid with her because you've got a car.’


  • 1A substance or object that is solid rather than liquid or fluid.

    • ‘In school we learned that primary waves can travel through solids, liquids, and gases.’
    • ‘Thus, the net supply of riverine solids to the deep open oceans is not significantly greater than that from aeolian transport.’
    • ‘Although they are called ‘weak’, they are amazingly strong - they can pass through solids without stopping.’
    • ‘Unless they are removed often, not only will the tank tend to back up the incoming sewage lines, that mat will force other incoming solids into the other side of the tank.’
    • ‘First, cells are not linear elastic solids: their continuum response varies with strain.’
    • ‘‘Architecture is all about light, height, voids, solids and obviously, underpinning it all, a plan that works,’ she said.’
    • ‘All common solids will typically go through one of three types of transformations when heated.’
    • ‘Earlier this year, ammonia and suspended solids came straight from the plant into the river.’
    • ‘In one dock, enough solids accumulated during a single year to advance the low water line 5.4 meters.’
    • ‘Certainly the theorems which Galileo had proved on the centres of gravity of solids, and left in Rome, were discussed in this correspondence.’
    • ‘According to Brownlee, the loose aggregate of particles seen on comets may represent the first generation of solids in the solar system.’
    • ‘I was reminded of high school physics where we learned that solids conduct sound better than both liquids and gases.’
    • ‘Tattooing is the method of using a needle or some other sharp object to force suspended colored solids through the epidermis into the dermis.’
    • ‘Typical speeds of sound in solids are 5,000 meters per second, but vary considerably from one solid to another.’
    • ‘Any leftover solids are collected and composted.’
    • ‘But then scientists unexpectedly discovered that the only difference between solids and space was the degree to which the same atoms that composed both were packed more or less closely together.’
    • ‘Instead, they simply induce small local fluid transits about the surface of the mass of stored solids.’
    • ‘There is a pipe on it designed to deal with overflow but solids are now coming through and flowing into the river, he said…’
    • ‘Brattain, Ph.D., was an expert in the nature of the atomic structure of solids at their surface level and solid-state physics.’
    • ‘It went up forever, but on the bottom there was a ‘bubble’ opening that only solids could pass through.’
    1. 1.1solids Food that is not liquid.
      ‘she drinks only milk and rarely eats solids’
      • ‘At this point, you can choose to purée none, some or all of the solids, depending on how you like your soup.’
      • ‘Transfer the solids into the food processor (or only part if you enjoy chunky soup like I do), and whizz into a purée.’
      • ‘My ice creams, like the smoked bacon with pain perdu, are formulaically created to get the right levels of solids in them to stop crystallisation.’
      • ‘You have to get the leftover solids to ferment and then you have to distill them.’
      • ‘I learned to chew on my left side, and eat only soft foods such as ice cream, rarely touching true solids, like swirls.’
      • ‘Even after ice cream freezes, there is still some available water free to migrate, due to the level of dissolved solids in the mix.’
      • ‘Transfer all or part of the solids into a food processor, purée and return to the saucepan.’
      • ‘Evidently excited to still be on solids, they have a traditional English breakfast consisting of tea, canned beans and crumpets flown to their San Francisco hotel every day.’
      • ‘I was in the hospital drinking out of a straw for almost a month and a half since my insides couldn't handle solids.’
      • ‘Babies can have food allergies if solids are started too early.’
      • ‘His diet should start with liquids, then soft foods, and then solids.’
      • ‘Strain through a fine mesh sieve lined with cheesecloth, discard solids and set aside, keeping warm.’
      • ‘As it heats scum will be thrown to the surface which should be skimmed off & the milky solids will drop to the bottom.’
      • ‘Because I'm no longer ingesting solids, every morning I have to chug a gag-inducing litre of warm salt water to flush out any leftover solids still hanging out in my digestive tract.’
      • ‘There is no added salt or corn syrup solids.’
      • ‘When your baby is ready for solids, making baby food is healthier, eco-friendly, and less expensive than the jars.’
      • ‘Remove the mint stems from the soup, and purée part or all of the soup with a hand blender (or by transferring the solids into a food processor) until the desired smoothness is reached.’
      • ‘This problem is exacerbated in the fermentation of white grape varieties where, in an attempt to produce a wine with clean, pronounced varietal character, the must is kept highly protected from air and with a very low level of grape solids.’
      • ‘Each new development is a milestone to share: the first smile, the first solids - the first night slept through!’
      • ‘One area we're working on at the moment is puréed food for patients who cannot eat solids.’
    2. 1.2Geometry A body or geometric figure having three dimensions.
      • ‘As space is three-dimensional, he went on to experiment with three-dimensional geometric solids.’
      • ‘He abandoned his cherished idea of a universe based on geometric solids when it was obvious that it simply did not fit the evidence.’
      • ‘In particular he identified the five elements, fire, earth, air, water and celestial matter with the five regular solids, the tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, icosahedron and the dodecahedron.’
      • ‘Volumes of solids such as prisms, pyramids, tetrahedrons, wedges, cylinders and truncated cones are calculated.’
      • ‘In several smaller wall pieces from 1990, bent cardboard planes are connected by segments of translucent plastic to create lozenge-shaped geometric solids.’


  • do someone a solid

    • informal Do something for someone as an act of kindness; do someone a favor.

      ‘they're a business, not a family friend or a buddy who will do you a solid for being a good customer’
      • ‘She was trying to do me a solid and help me get a better seat.’
      • ‘And we ask you to do us a solid - please support vegan businesses as often as you can.’
      • ‘C'mon. Just do me a solid. Girl, you know I would do it for you.’
      • ‘If the prospect of watching this is at all appealing, do yourself a solid and snag the Blu-ray.’
      • ‘Hey, can you do me a solid and find out if they're still talking to me?’
      • ‘The guy did Scorsese a solid and now he is being touted by the CEO of Publicity as a big supporter of the movie.’
      • ‘You did us a solid, bro. Come by after work. Have a meal.’
      • ‘The guy who went in with the hidden camera did us all a solid.’
      • ‘So my old friend April wanted to do a solid for the troops and she and her 3 rd grade class put together a care package and holiday cards from the kids for my team.’
      • ‘I felt I let her down, so I wanted to do her a solid.’


Late Middle English: from Latin solidus; related to salvus ‘safe’ and sollus ‘entire’.