Definition of solicitude in US English:



  • Care or concern for someone or something.

    ‘I was touched by his solicitude’
    • ‘I have argued that in the United States the conjunction of many factors resulted in the special solicitude toward children that condemned child labor.’
    • ‘For the patient's sake as well as his own, he must endeavour to strike the medium between negligence and ridicule on the one hand, and too much solicitude about every trifling symptom on the other.’
    • ‘Not even Voltaire's hypersensitive behaviour checked her solicitude for his welfare and her promotion of his plays, in spite of their dramatic weakness.’
    • ‘It was once attributed to Guercino, which is understandable since the type of the bearded and turbaned king, his gentle solicitude, the discreet radiance and the soft glow on the faces are reminiscent of that artist's quieter late works.’
    • ‘A young man stood before me, his brow creased in solicitude.’
    • ‘That she is a woman with the most sincere and proven solicitude for refugees was attested to by their representatives.’
    • ‘Though displaying no overt solicitude, the tavern owner seemed helpful.’
    • ‘Fenton caught the essential loneliness of royalty in the Queen, together with the Prince Consort's tender solicitude - it was the time of the Crimean War.’
    • ‘However, ultimately it might be argued that neither her self-imposed privations nor apparent solicitude qualifies as a genuine ordeal.’
    • ‘God knows how many sacrifices, prayers and sufferings have been offered to support me in my service to the church, how much benevolence and solicitude, how many signs of communion have surrounded me every day.’
    • ‘The agency's inclusiveness, its solicitude toward the divergent perspectives of many different stakeholders, fit with its avowed mission of neutrality.’
    • ‘To the middle-class reader at the breakfast table or on his way to the office the letter was an admirable demonstration of the Christian concern of the Dublin employers and their solicitude for the less fortunate members of the community.’
    • ‘Katherine said that no man has ever treated her as well as Jake has, which either is a testament to Jake's solicitude or a condemnation of her previous relationships.’
    • ‘He would look after his friends with rather touching solicitude.’
    • ‘With her nicely poised head, her silken arms, and expressive upper back, she brought a personal glow to the production, although Nilas Martins as Siegfried did not offer her much solicitude.’
    • ‘She took my temperature, placing her hand to my forehead as I held the thermometer in my mouth; she had this priceless expression of solicitude, concern, and professional remove.’
    • ‘In time, she managed to have her own needs addressed, as she too discovered incapacitating ailments that compelled the services and solicitude of her children, physicians, and, eventually, a therapist.’
    • ‘In fact, considering my most recent actions, one could easily come to the conclusion that I was raised by people who had no sense of solicitude whatsoever, but it was not the case; unthoughtfulness is a trait I developed all on my own.’
    • ‘The round-the-clock communications and solicitude evidently required for her maintenance demanded a heroism if not masochism in her patient allies.’
    • ‘I remember seeing him in his 60s, a big, six-foot-tall man, his balding hair completely gray, waiting on his 80-year-old mother with filial solicitude.’
    concern, care, attentiveness, mindfulness, consideration, considerateness, thoughtfulness, solicitousness, carefulness
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Late Middle English: from Old French sollicitude, from Latin sollicitudo, from sollicitus (see solicitous).