Definition of soldierly in US English:



  • See soldier

    • ‘However, you are right to say that of the war poems in existence many celebrate soldierly virtues (Kipling, Horace, Virgil, Homer).’
    • ‘The campaign to honour the women of the Second World War has been conducted with military precision and soldierly single-mindedness.’
    • ‘He enjoined his drill instructors to pay special attention ‘to the soldierly bearing of the men… as it is easier to form good habits in the beginning than to correct bad ones later.’’
    • ‘Researchers are studying diverse sides of this miniature military life, from soldierly housekeeping to the recruits' tendency to goof off.’
    • ‘That frontal assaults sometimes succeeded despite enormous casualties speaks more of soldierly courage and fortitude than any general's brilliance.’