Definition of solarize in US English:


(British solarise)


[with object]Photography
  • Change the relative darkness of (a part of an image) by overexposure to light.

    ‘you can solarize some bits more than others by burning in areas with your flash enlarger’
    • ‘The general procedure used was to develop for 60 seconds in the first developer, remove the print to the second developer, solarize at 70 to 90 seconds, and continue development to about 150 seconds total.’
    • ‘Luminos Classic Warm Tone is a very interesting paper that is available in one grade only - it is unusual in that it is a warm-toned emulsion that solarizes like a bromide paper.’
    • ‘The darks look solarized, and many of the colors have an uneasy ‘glow’ to them.’
    • ‘Others look squashed, wavy, and almost solarized with too-white brightness.’
    • ‘The lower the contrast grade of the paper, the less light is required to solarize it.’