Definition of solar pond in US English:

solar pond


  • A pool of very salty water in which convection is inhibited, allowing accumulation of energy from solar radiation in the lower layers.

    • ‘Experiemental studies were shown on desalination, pumping, hydrothermal properties of soil, solar cookers and solar ponds, including thermal sea water desalination.’
    • ‘The useful thermal energy is then withdrawn from the solar pond in the form of hot brine.’
    • ‘Operating costs for solar ponds are low when compared to fossil fuel devices.’
    • ‘The solar ponds, moreover, store heat absorbed during sunny days and radiate it throughout the ark at other times.’
    • ‘Even in Canada an experimental solar pond was started in November and was boiling by January!’
    • ‘At the end of the cycle, the water goes to solar ponds for evaporation.’
    • ‘The purpose of a solar pond heater is not, however, to keep your fish warm during the winter months.’
    • ‘Second, when coupled with desalting units, solar ponds can be used to purify brackish or salt water, and then the pond itself can become the receptacle for the brine waste product.’
    • ‘They are thinking of a whole network of solar ponds bordering the Dead Sea that could fill as much as a third of Israel's electrical needs by the end of the century.’
    • ‘The supplemental review process is exploring additional restoration alternatives such as the large-scale solar ponds suggested by Parsons.’
    • ‘Like all alternative power solutions solar ponds are not expensive to run: it's getting them set up that is so expensive!’
    • ‘The most common example of a solar pond is the salt gradient pond which consists of three differing concentrations of a salt solution, usually sodium or magnesium chloride.’
    • ‘Pyramid Salt is confident that installing the solar pond will enable production of more competitively priced salt.’
    • ‘As a concept, solar ponds are becoming increasingly attractive as the cost of constructing them is decreasing compared with the rising costs of conventional energy.’
    • ‘India Expert worked on salt projects, industrial chemicals, and solar ponds in northern regions.’