Definition of solar farm in US English:

solar farm


  • An installation or area of land in which a large number of solar panels are set up in order to generate electricity.

    • ‘A solar farm could begin sprouting on about half of the Pine Street landfill as early as this fall.’
    • ‘Ultimately, a large amount of the sun's energy could be harnessed through "solar farms" and used to power all our energy needs, the researchers predict.’
    • ‘We simply cannot rely on the intermittent outputs of wind or solar farms to overcome any future shortfall in electricity generation.’
    • ‘This new high power technique could of course result in smaller solar farms, or higher energy output from existing systems.’
    • ‘"A solar farm 100 miles by 100 miles would be enough to displace the fossil-fuel consumption of the U.S."’
    • ‘More importantly, the more customers that are lined up to buy clean energy, the more wind turbines and solar farms can be built in the future.’
    • ‘In addition, he said such countries must be persuaded to invest more in research and development that will allow for the identification of more ecologically-friendly fuel sources, such as hydrogen fuel cells, nuclear power plants, and solar farms.’
    • ‘The situation also fueled protests by provincial farm groups against using prime agricultural land for solar farms.’
    • ‘At Lingara, the sappers are building new houses, a health clinic, a larger water tower, and a solar farm to ensure 24-hour power.’
    • ‘In the spot where the old Robert Mueller airport used to be, the city of Austin is building, among other things, a solar farm made of these contest-winning, 16-foot-high "sunflower" style solar collectors.’
    • ‘The proposal to locate the solar farm on 300 acres in East Hawkesbury, an hour's drive southeast of Ottawa, sparked local controversy.’
    • ‘The solar farm is the earliest tangible part of Abu Dhabi's Masdar City, a $22 billion project designed to be the world's first zero-carbon-footprint, zero-waste settlement.’
    • ‘If the conversion of solar energy to electricity could be made more efficient by a factor of 10, large solar farms in six areas of the globe could provide all of the world's required electricity.’
    • ‘This material could be used to send electricity over great distances, such as from solar farms in the southwest to New York City.’
    • ‘But the cost of maintaining a solar farm as compared to that of a coal generated power plant is enormous.’
    • ‘They are already spending 250 m on more than 2,500 solar photovoltaic panels to build the world's largest solar farm near the small town of Moura in eastern Portugal.’
    • ‘Indeed, solar power is more likely to flourish as a distributed resource, rather than through massive centralized "solar farms".’
    • ‘Currently the world's largest solar farm is the 12-megawatt Erlasee solar park in Germany.’
    • ‘It had proposed to build a solar farm on 300 acres of prime agricultural land to generate 30 megawatts of electricity.’
    • ‘Unlike a conventional power station, which doesn't produce any juice until it's completed, a solar farm can in theory begin financing itself long before the last dish is up.’