Definition of solar energy in English:

solar energy


  • 1Radiant energy emitted by the sun.

    • ‘Photosynthesis is the process where solar energy is transferred into useful chemical energy.’
    • ‘During combustion, the fuel alcohol releases the embodied solar energy of photosynthesis and emits water and carbon dioxide.’
    • ‘The ocean's like a living, breathing, super-organism, using solar energy to drive the atmosphere with heat.’
    • ‘We are harvesting what the plant produced using photosynthesis to convert solar energy into chemical energy stored in the form of oils, carbohydrates and protein.’
    • ‘These solar fuels ultimately store solar energy within their chemical bonds.’
    • ‘The sun is one big nuclear reactor - radiation is what solar energy is.’
    • ‘The first step in utilization of solar energy is photon capture by a lightharvesting system (antenna).’
    • ‘Like Earth, space is filled with diffused energy: solar energy.’
    • ‘Scientists in Japan have made the first device that can convert solar energy into electricity and then store the resulting electric charge.’
    • ‘Less solar energy means less heat to the land and air.’
    • ‘Such changes could be useful, for example, for converting solar energy directly into mechanical energy.’
    • ‘Modular power station for the production primarily of hydrogen from solar energy and a method of generating electric energy’
    • ‘Additionally, a number of other fully-feathered extant birds can readily absorb and use incident radiant solar energy.’
    • ‘Now, deserts are windy places, windy because they abound in solar energy, the driving force of the world's supply of moving air.’
    • ‘Aside from radiating heat into a building, dark roofing also radiates solar energy into the atmosphere.’
    • ‘These materials readily absorb solar energy, including the infrared portion of sunlight.’
    • ‘The ecosystem can be seen as an energy cycle that assimilates solar energy through photosynthesis.’
    • ‘Now, solar energy is actually nuclear energy; it is radiation.’
    • ‘In plants, algae, and cyanobacteria, oxygenic photosynthesis converts solar energy into chemical energy.’
    • ‘They say the device, using tiny carbon nanotubes, might serve as the basis for an optical television or for converting solar energy into electricity once properly developed.’
    1. 1.1
      another term for solar power
      • ‘Most of the major oil and energy companies have entire divisions committed to solar energy.’
      • ‘The budgets for geothermal technology development, hydrogen research, hydropower, wind and solar energy systems were cut roughly in half.’
      • ‘It can be powered by any heat source including solar energy thus bypassing fuel cells.’
      • ‘The first area concerns the use of direct solar energy to replace electricity, and also to give us greater security of supply in dry winters, as well as build some capacity.’
      • ‘Passive solar energy for heating our spaces and our water would result in more comfortable houses and more efficient industry, and would lower our energy bills.’
      • ‘People are now using solar energy for heating, water supply, and running fax and STD systems.’
      • ‘Tax breaks, energy worries, and global warming are making nuclear, wind, and solar energy increasingly important markets.’
      • ‘It is also charged with establishing and promoting the use of solar energy, especially in areas were grid electrification is not feasible due to excessively high costs.’
      • ‘While the prototype will run on diesel, the group has come up with renewable energy alternatives involving wind and solar energy depending on the global position of the product.’
      • ‘He opposed money for research in solar energy and clean energy sources.’
      • ‘As people search for alternatives to fossil fuel energy, solar energy emerges as one of the cleanest and most practical sources of electricity.’
      • ‘The plants are irrigated with water pumped by the means of solar energy and their computer is also powered with wind energy.’
      • ‘The foundation wants high energy efficiency targets, with some use of solar energy, and also initiatives to save water and recycle waste.’
      • ‘I think we could phase out the use of fossil fuels eventually by making solar energy our primary energy resource.’
      • ‘Opponents argue that we can take other action such as energy conservation measures or using more solar energy.’
      • ‘Swindon's churches could be heated by solar energy as part of a commitment to helping the environment.’
      • ‘One of the most important actions to counter these challenges is the establishment of alternative energy sources such as solar energy.’
      • ‘For example, sunny Sydney is an ideal spot to showcase solar energy, so electricity for several events will be powered by the sun through photovoltaic panels.’
      • ‘She suggests funding could be attracted by making the pool a Desert Knowledge project, using solar energy for heating during winter.’
      • ‘It has taken a second energy crisis in 2 years for energy efficiency and conservation, and renewable wind and solar energy, even to begin to be taken seriously.’


solar energy

/ˈsōlər ˈenərjē/