Definition of solander in US English:


(also solander box)


  • A protective box made in the form of a book, for holding such items as botanical specimens, maps, and color plates.

    • ‘These large brown solander boxes in front of us are from that and then we also have material from Cook's second and third voyages in the collection, made up of quite some thousands of drawings.’
    • ‘The books are bound in Maziarczyk pastepaper covered boards and the solander boxes, in red cloth, are by Chris Hicks.’
    • ‘The solander box is made by Smith Settle in Otley, Yorkshire.’
    • ‘Currently, solander boxes are made from a variety of materials some of which are not acid-free.’
    • ‘On top is the first of the ‘specials’ - a solander box that opens out to display both books; there is a close-up below.’
    • ‘Greater security is afforded by our two tray and solander boxes, which are also built specifically to fit the contents.’
    • ‘The ultimate solander box for prints and drawings, documents and books provides maximum accident protection in a stable acid-neutral environment.’
    • ‘The preserved fragments are arranged on acid-free cardboard, attached with hinges of Japanese tissue paper and stored in solanders in the climate-controlled storeroom.’
    • ‘They may be decreasing in significance (in the form of specimens stored in the solander boxes of the herbarium) within the domain of botanical science, but as they do, so they enter ever more into its history, and a history of intellectual thought and aspiration.’
    • ‘Where items need to be transported to and from the repository they should be in appropriate containers designed to limit exposure to environmental factors and handling damage (eg. folders, archive boxes, plan and art folios, phase and solander boxes).’
    • ‘The Moroccan-leather-bound edition, limited to 50 numbered copies, is encased in a silver buckram drop-back solander box (£750 inclusive of delivery).’
    • ‘For the protection of your valuable books, documents and objects; or as an added feature in the binding of an edition, Praxis Bookbindery can fabricate a drop spine box, solander box or a slip case.’
    • ‘The wrapped rolls were arranged either in rows on shelves or in batches in solander boxes or poor quality, dilapidated card boxes.’
    • ‘Forty special copies housed in a solander box are accompanied by signed prints of six of the best drawn bookplates, price £224, but this edition went straight out of print.’
    • ‘Atlas Gallery commissioned this unique solander box to house a series of mounted photographs from their collection.’
    • ‘I also planned to use another paper, though I was not sure which, on the outside of the solander box which would hold the seventy-two illustrations and their index sheets.’


Late 18th century: named after Daniel C. Solander (1736–82), Swedish botanist.