Definition of sola topi in US English:

sola topi


  • An Indian sun hat made from the pith of the stems of sola plants.

    • ‘These shikaris - usually Englishmen or Indian royalty - scoured the forests in the early part of the previous century, dressed in smartly ironed jodhpurs and sola topis, at a time when hunting was not only legal but a sport reserved for the brave.’
    • ‘Engineers in sola topis arrived with their sinister instruments and charted their designs on reams of paper.’
    • ‘When The Mad Doctor appeared in 1935 Thwaites took to wearing a sola topi like the figure on the dust-jacket.’
    • ‘They climbed on board their vessel, and then, in one accord, threw their white sola topis into the sea.’
    • ‘So pack your steamer trunk, put on your sola topi, and let's go for a walk on the wild side!’
    • ‘A man stands in the foreground, his back to the camera, sockless in khaki jacket and sola topi, frayed white pants and black shoes, a furled umbrella hooked over his elbow.’
    • ‘Father suggested that I go around wearing a sola topi, but I never got around to it because I was certain that my friends would laugh at me.’
    • ‘My father used to take me along to the shop whenever he needed to buy a good tie or another sola topi, something that he and his peers liked to sport.’
    • ‘The driver of this weird contraption, we were informed, was Mr Dudley Alexander, who was sporting a sola topi, a pair of long shorts, and a horse's nose bag carelessly slung round his back.’
    • ‘The German naturalist Ernst Haeckel, whose photograph portrays a splendid, bearded fellow in thigh boots, with revolver and dagger at the waist and shotgun and sola topi firmly clasped in hand, seized on Lemuria as the possible cradle of mankind - the fossils needed to demonstrate this had [of course] sunk with the continent under the sea.’
    • ‘‘We were persuaded to buy, among other things: three tropical suits, riding breeches for winter and summer, bush shirts, a sola topi, a double-brimmed sun hat, a camp bed and sleeping bag, and long boots to deter mosquitoes at sundown,’ he writes.’
    • ‘They pose on the guidebook's pages - sahibs in sola topis, memsahibs with floral sun hats and parasols.’
    • ‘Maybe the cooler air had persuaded me or, more likely, Nanny, that it was safe for me not to wear the usual sola topi which I know I possessed because there are photographs.’
    • ‘He's right, of course: the founders would be horrified at the idea of the White House appointing chaps in sola topis with ostrich feathers.’
    • ‘Topical suites and sola topis were as much a part of Raffles Hotel's early style as bentwood tables and rattan chairs.’
    • ‘In order to confuse the enemy, a sola topi (a type of hat) and tropical kit was issued to those who were Canada-bound, and heavy clothing for those destined for Africa.’
    • ‘A tall, suave man he was educated at St. Peter's College, Agra and was conspicuous in Connaught Place in the sola topi and brown cassock he wore in all seasons.’
    • ‘My father used to take me along to the shop whenever he needed to buy a good or another sola topi, something that he and his peers liked to sport.’


sola topi

/ˈsōlə ˈtōpē/