Definition of soilless in US English:



  • See soil

    • ‘Your hydrangeas will thrive in a humus-rich potting soil, and using a soilless mix is also an asset as it helps retain water.’
    • ‘It's best to use a commercial soilless mix in wishing well planters, adding some slow release fertilizer granules before planting.’
    • ‘As side shoots develop, prune back old branches to where new growth starts, and repot with fresh soilless potting mix.’
    • ‘A good soilless mix is made up of 3 parts sphagnum peat moss, 2 parts vermiculite, and 1 part perlite, with some lime added to balance the acidity of the peat moss.’
    • ‘I fill each pot about one-third full of the soilless mixture, then add the recommended amount of fertilizer granules, mixing it thoroughly with the soil.’