Definition of soil science in US English:

soil science


  • The branch of science concerned with the formation, nature, ecology, and classification of soil.

    • ‘In the early days of soil science, rock type was thought to be the most important factor.’
    • ‘At the time, I had recently moved from a home on good clay soil to a home on sandy soil, and I was teaching chemistry, soil science and agricultural botany at Fremantle Technical College, Australia.’
    • ‘This farmer has a doctorate in agronomy/soil fertility and a master's in soil science and is one of the nation's leading advocates of sustainable agriculture.’
    • ‘‘Russians invented the study of soil science and through their help, a large step forward has been taken in measuring acid rain effects on soils and trees,’ he said.’
    • ‘Organic techniques have been developed from an understanding of and research into soil science, crop breeding, animal husbandry and ecology.’
    • ‘The authors do an excellent job of discussing the nuances between soil science and geology.’
    • ‘I suggest that perhaps he might have more time for researching worms if he finished the graduate work he abandoned decades ago, in soil science at Oregon State University.’
    • ‘The three main emphasis areas are ornamental horticulture, environmental and soil science, and genetics and crop breeding.’
    • ‘The objective of this project was to evaluate an on-line web-based soil erosion lesson as a supplemental resource for introductory undergraduate soil science.’
    • ‘He started college with the intent of majoring in soil science, with minors in horticulture and arboriculture.’
    • ‘Data from organic farming, appropriate technology, agroforestry, soil science, aquaculture, and a dozen other disciplines all support the techniques organized by permaculture.’
    • ‘We've made huge advances in agricultural mechanization, in fertilization, in soil science.’
    • ‘The loose-leaf binder that carries the information is organized into three major sections: organic farming and gardening skills and practices, applied soil science, and social and environmental issues in agriculture.’
    • ‘We recommend this book to advanced students and teams of scientists working in many areas of root research, in plant physiology, soil science, plant breeding, forestry and horticulture.’
    • ‘‘I really looked forward to finding solutions to reverse this erosion,’ says Jezile, who is now studying soil science and ecology on rangelands.’
    • ‘Its plan rightly talks of the need to train a workforce with the appropriate skills, which need to be broad and embrace other areas of environmental science (for example, hydrology, plant and soil science, and atmospheric chemistry).’
    • ‘The course of study embraces everything from tractor operation and maintenance to bookkeeping, personnel management, botany and soil science.’
    • ‘Approaches to cave sediments by archaeologists and geoarchaeologists have typically been borrowed directly from sedimentology or soil science.’
    • ‘At the same time it became clear that the revolution in yields initiated by fallowing was based on a profound misunderstanding of soil science.’
    • ‘Russians were recognized as pre-eminent in soil science and petroleum chemistry.’


soil science

/sɔɪl ˈsaɪəns/