Definition of sogo shosha in US English:

sogo shosha


  • A very large Japanese company that trades internationally in a wide range of goods and services.

    • ‘Once the bubble burst, the sogo shosha were left with huge portfolios whose worth had plummeted; all of the trading companies were forced eventually to liquidate much of their stock holdings.’
    • ‘To serve their broad commercial interests, the Japanese trading companies - the sogo shosha - have created vast overseas data-collection networks.’
    • ‘Japan's huge trading companies, the sogo shosha, are impressive, and therefore well known internationally.’
    • ‘All cheddar and shredded cheese were sold through these sogo shosha, although some other types of cheese were sold outside these structures.’
    • ‘These sogo shosha are a unique type of business enterprise that is seen only in Japan.’


Japanese, from sōgō ‘comprehensive’ + shōsha ‘mercantile society’.


sogo shosha

/ˈsōɡō ˈSHōSHə/