Definition of soft line in US English:

soft line


  • A flexible and moderate attitude or policy.

    ‘the chancellor is taking a soft line on inflation’
    • ‘Mum must choose whether she takes the hard line or the soft line.’
    • ‘Except for a couple of columnists, the media has taken a very soft line on this issue.’
    • ‘But there would be no soft line on drugs and a campaign to cut heavy drinking among the youth would be set up, he said.’
    • ‘All I can say is that his dismay at summer price hikes is nothing to mine at brass neck parents who take advantage of state education's soft line.’
    • ‘Scarborough Council has taken a soft line on enforcement in recent years because the rulebook runs to 36 pages and may be very hard for most people to understand.’
    • ‘Will his soft line toward corporate greed revive the flip-flop charge?’
    • ‘The headmaster of Chiswick Community School has spoken out in defence of the school's policies after it was revealed that a parent has made a series of complaints concerning what he believes is a soft line on violence.’
    • ‘Today we hear Democrats asking whether they should take a hard line on Social Security or a soft line, stand in opposition or come up with a contending plan.’
    • ‘This soft line is a mistake and should be revised, yet the complexities of the situation must also be acknowledged.’