Definition of soft centre in US English:

soft centre

(US soft center)


  • 1Designating a mixture of hardened steel and a softer, stronger metal (especially iron) in which the steel is fused to a core made of the other metal, as "soft-centre steel", etc.

  • 2Designating a ploughshare consisting of soft metallic core and a hardened metallic surface, especially one made of soft centre steel; designating a plough possessing such a ploughshare. Now rare.

  • 3Of a chocolate or other confection: = "soft-centred".

  • 4Revealing an essentially compassionate or sentimental nature.


  • 1A soft filling inside a chocolate or other confection.

  • 2A chocolate or other confection with a soft filling.

  • 3A compassionate or sentimental nature, a tender heart, especially contrasting with a tough exterior.


Mid 19th century. From soft + centre.


soft centre

/ˌsɒf(t) ˈsɛntə/