Definition of soda fountain in US English:

soda fountain


North American
  • 1A device that dispenses soda water or soft drinks.

    • ‘Said Nash, ‘Instead of obtaining stimulation from work, the young people of today are to be found sitting around soda fountains devouring ice cream sodas.’’
    • ‘He entered, and sat down on a stool, at the 1950's style soda fountain.’
    • ‘As a special treat we were given gale beer, diluted with soda water (the soda fountain was carried up to Levisham village or Whitby to be refilled!’
    • ‘For five cents, consumers could enjoy a glass of Coca-Cola at the soda fountain.’
    • ‘Yet the rise of fast food chains and disappearance of soda shops and the old-fashioned ‘drug stores’ with soda fountains clearly marks the wane of the root beer float.’
    • ‘The soda fountain and red vinyl booths are perfect accompaniments to meatloaf, cheeseburgers, and milk shakes.’
    • ‘It's worth a visit just to sample the Paris - an intimate new French-American-style bistro complete with zinc bar, soda fountain, and patisserie.’
    • ‘Sorry, the soda fountain isn't working now, it could be an hour.’
    • ‘There was a soda fountain behind the counter with ice cream and little treats.’
    • ‘In McDonalds’ without do-it-yourself soda fountains, or in the drive-thru, you then have to specify what you'd like to drink.’
    • ‘Growing up in working-class Hawthorne, Calif. - his father drove a cab, his mother worked behind the soda fountain at a drugstore - Mr. Gioia was surrounded by people who did not go to college.’
    • ‘As we were talking, a man in his twenties, with wild tufts of dark hair, stopped by our table, which was near the soda fountain.’
    • ‘A major soft drink producer wants to apply foam research to reduce the excess foam emanating from soda fountains.’
    • ‘They're open until 9 PM, the soda fountain has Dr. Pepper, and there's never a shortage of tables.’
    • ‘Try to buy a milk shake today at Rite Aid or CVS, which have replaced soda fountains with electric can openers, hair dryers, and a host of products seldom seen in the drugstores of yore.’
    • ‘All that's known for certain is that the car entered the shop fully, showering the place in broken glass, slamming into a table where two women were dining and finally lodging itself under the soda fountain.’
    • ‘As we headed towards the cafeteria I spotted a small soda fountain to my right.’
    • ‘If I remember correctly, pharmacies were almost as diversified in the 1950's, although their non-pharmacological stock was smaller: ice-cream / soda fountains, beauty products, books and mags, stationery, and so on and so on.’
    • ‘Ava Gardner worked behind the soda fountain, and Harold Arlen may have written the tune for ‘Over the Rainbow’ at the counter.’
    • ‘In those days, of course, all drugstores had soda fountains.’
    1. 1.1 A shop or counter selling drinks from a soda fountain.
      • ‘Cappuccino in a cardboard cup may be the current trendy treat, but at these three classic soda fountains in San Francisco, indulgence hearkens back to slower, sweeter times.’
      • ‘Nothing is wrong in a world where the country doctor earnestly listens to the heart of a little girl's doll, Rosie the Riveter has a lace handkerchief, and high-school sweethearts go to the soda fountain after the prom.’
      • ‘He had met Annabell Thomson during the war at the soda fountain in the Montgomery Drug Store, and in 1947 they married.’
      • ‘While there are a few reminders along West Portal Avenue that we have entered the 21st century, much of the tiny business strip is reminiscent of the days of soda fountains, '57 Chevys, and ‘I Like Ike’ buttons.’
      • ‘Nor could we go to the soda fountain where Davis got his first fountain drink some 50 years before.’
      • ‘They also had a small drugstore, soda fountain, and snack bar.’
      • ‘He led them past what was obviously a church, a very modest retailing area with a flower shop, a general store, a restaurant or saloon or both, and a little diner / soda fountain, then around a modest park and bandstand.’
      • ‘I saw him once, eating a tuna fish sandwich at a soda fountain in Ann Arbor.’
      • ‘Maybe it was a blip in history, with drive-ins and soda fountains, that's gone for good.’
      • ‘Though only 26 years old, this corner soda fountain could easily be where Buddy Holly first saw Peggy Sue.’
      • ‘Up the road from the vault is a ‘genuine’ 1930s Atlanta soda fountain that has been retroactively desegregated.’
      • ‘The shop is decorated like an old soda fountain.’
      • ‘It was when a baseball game could be found on every block and a friend could be found at every soda fountain.’
      • ‘We've all heard fabled stories of starlets like Lana Turner getting discovered by Hollywood agents at soda fountains, launching careers of fame and notoriety.’
      • ‘At one point, they had their own bowling alley and soda fountain, and they took the ferry to school in San Francisco each weekday.’
      • ‘One early evening in 1999 he and Joyce Ann were driving down an empty Main Street, and they stopped in front of an old soda fountain that had long been abandoned and forgotten.’
      • ‘What was the town funeral parlor 100 years ago is now an airy eatery with an old-fashioned soda fountain.’
      • ‘Mariani remarks that the small town soda fountain survived the Depression years better than the more opulent pharmacy fountains, and that in the 1940s ‘Hollywood movies pictured ice cream soda fountains as oases of innocent Americana’.’
      • ‘In the U.S. the role has been played by many different places from local parks to barber shops and hair salons, to soda fountains and bookstores.’
      • ‘Older Americans can remember when a soda fountain and a counter that sold ice cream sundaes and milk shakes denned a drugstore.’


soda fountain

/ˈsōdə ˌfount(ə)n//ˈsoʊdə ˌfaʊnt(ə)n/