Definition of sociometry in US English:



  • The quantitative study and measurement of relationships within a group of people.

    • ‘It shows the pioneering role that Zerka, along with her husband J. L. Moreno, played in the development, not only of the methods of psychodrama and sociometry, but of the entire group psychotherapy movement worldwide.’
    • ‘Demonstrations in action will illustrate the importance of sociometry in developing diagnostic and intervention tools, as well as enhancing group dynamics.’
    • ‘A simple example of applied sociometry is to have group members make a selection on the basis of a simple, non-threatening criterion.’
    • ‘For this reasons, in some circles the term sociometry refers to a form of therapy related to psychodrama.’
    • ‘The use of sociometry in the classroom is to find the best relationships between students and to see how children see themselves within the social construct of education.’