Definition of sociogenomics in US English:


plural noun

  • treated as singular A scientific discipline that attempts to find the genetic basis of social behavior and its evolution.

    • ‘‘To use the honey bee as a model for sociogenomics, and to link molecular information to neurochemical and physiological data, we first must know the identities of the peptides used in the brain and the genes they are encoded by,’ Sweedler said.’
    • ‘I present a new theory - sociogenomics - to replace behavioralism and rational choice as the salient paradigm of political science inquiry.’
    • ‘Finally, I outline major questions in social evolution that can be addressed for the first time using a sociogenomic approach, highlight practical considerations in sociogenomics and discuss suitable model systems for future research on the molecular basis of sociality.’
    • ‘A. mellifera was chosen as the first species of the order Hymenoptera to be sequenced because of its potential impact on sociogenomics.’
    • ‘He is a member of two research teams at the University of Illinois, one exploring the dynamics of sociogenomics (the study of genes coding for social behavior) and the other investigating the parameters of stem cell research.’