Definition of socially in US English:



  • 1In a way that relates to society or its organization.

    ‘a socially engaged writer’
    ‘some people with mental illness become socially isolated’
    • ‘There's a tremendous amount to be learned about socially grounded engineering, design, and evaluation.’
    • ‘A work organization is a socially designed unit that engages in activities to accomplish a goal, has an identifiable boundary, and is linked to the external society.’
    • ‘He clearly emphasized the emergence of socially organized labour and production as the key to distinguishing humans from animals.’
    • ‘These roots are socially planted and cultivated, and only collectively can they be dug up and 'detoxified'.’
    • ‘Similar to the manner in which craft apprentices informally learn, teaching can comprise activities which are socially considered and planned.’
    1. 1.1 In a way that relates to rank and status in society.
      ‘socially disadvantaged sectors of the rural community’
      as submodifier ‘dialects have been regarded as socially lower than a 'proper' form of the language’
      • ‘It results in an opaque admissions process that is more easily influenced by individuals who are socially privileged.’
      • ‘This is a sect comprised of socially disenfranchised individuals who emphasize spontaneity, lay leadership, and authentic religious experience in worship.’
      • ‘He gave his life, for all of his people, who are still today the world's economically denied and socially forgotten poor.’
      • ‘Maybe it is not surprising that he is seen as being socially inferior to Theophilus.’
      • ‘Such rural women were less bound by gender segregation than their urban counterparts, particularly those from socially esteemed families.’
    2. 1.2 With regard to rules about behavior in society.
      ‘the book of etiquette on how to behave socially’
      as submodifier ‘a society where sex before marriage is not socially acceptable’
      • ‘Early on, his drinking was linked to loneliness and an inability to fit in socially with his fellow players.’
      • ‘Some of his behavior seems socially inappropriate and disrespectful to others.’
      • ‘Socially standardized rules make possible effective communication.’
      • ‘It's not cool to strike a rebel pose these days, or socially correct to be a troublemaker anymore.’
      • ‘Given a specific situation, students will be able to demonstrate the importance of acting socially.’
  • 2In the company of others, especially for pleasure; in a social manner.

    ‘a coffee shop where people could meet socially’
    ‘students interact socially both inside and outside the department’
    as submodifier ‘a socially awkward teenager’
    • ‘The two travelled to Sri Lanka together in July and met up socially in Washington at the end of the month.’
    • ‘You have many positive friendships and feel socially comfortable.’
    • ‘They had spent plenty of time together at practice and in meetings, but this was the first time they gathered socially.’
    • ‘My quietness was deemed a terrible flaw which would end up leaving me a socially inadequate, unemployed adult.’
    • ‘If it encourages people from different ethnic groups to come together socially, then I applaud that.’