Definition of socializer in English:



  • A person who enjoys mixing socially with others.

    • ‘Apparently a hearty socializer during college, Hawthorne only began serious writing after returning to Massachusetts.’
    • ‘If your loved one is not a socializer, make sure the staff knows to let him have some time to himself daily and introduce him slowly to the group.’
    • ‘I'm not a socialiser, never go to the premieres to run the gauntlet of paparazzi.’
    • ‘Despite the solitary nature of her profession, she was a prodigious socialiser and partygoer, usually being the last to leave.’
    • ‘Hayes is not a big socialiser, but has a small group of friends outside the media industry.’
    • ‘In the movie, Nash is seen as an arrogant but essentially charming fellow, an awkward socializer who hits on blondes.’
    • ‘Religious, without being sectarian, and a great socializer, Harley always wore a walrus moustache.’
    • ‘He enjoyed shooting and a drink and he was an enthusiastic socialiser.’
    • ‘Young people in Cumbria are sporty, net-surfing, cinema-going socialisers according to new research for Cumbria County Council.’
    • ‘Although he never drinks, he's a big socialiser.’
    • ‘Joburgers are fantastic socialisers - they do it often and proficiently.’
    • ‘An all-round sportsman and socialiser, he claims to enjoy his days off, and makes the most of life.’
    • ‘There is nothing wrong with being an innate leader, a spectacular athlete, or a popular socializer.’
    • ‘I'm not much of a socializer and I'm one of those crazy people who values their personal space.’
    • ‘Though always a great socialiser, he never seemed to gain the post-footballer's physique - the paunchy belly, the extra chin.’
    • ‘He wasn't a great socialiser and didn't make friends very easily.’
    • ‘Scotland is a nation of socialisers.’
    • ‘Tom Smith is his own individual person, not the biggest socialiser, but definitely his own bloke.’
    • ‘A keen socialiser, he enjoyed a bit of banter and was noted in the community as a quiet, gentle and kind man.’
    • ‘The really skilled socializers know how to navigate the complexity of the social world.’
    outgoing person, sociable person, life and soul of the party, mixer, mingler, social butterfly, socialite, party animal
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