Definition of social software in US English:

social software


  • Computer software that enables users to interact and share data.

    • ‘Instead of filling in forms and choosing from pulldown menus, social software has us writing in wikis and blogs.’
    • ‘Those designing "social software" are at great risk of designing within their own unquestioned presumptions about language.’
    • ‘Active social software actually supports social interaction, eg.g Meetup, Hydra, Uncle Roy, IAwiki.’
    • ‘He's become a consistently prescient voice on networks, social software, and technology's effects on society.’
    • ‘I think more things will get useful when all the meta-discourse about "social software" all goes away.’
    • ‘My feeling is that social software is inherently different from, for example, sales force automation.’
    • ‘Evolving social software represents the technological glue that can tie emergent democracy and participatory economics into a functional political economic alternative.’
    • ‘Weblogs and social software are an area the conference organizers are particularly interested in.’
    • ‘Ward, who invented the Wiki, recently was invited to speak at a conference on social software.’
    • ‘Social software might not remove any limitations on behaviour or compensate for human inadequacies, but only acknowledge or take advantage of them.’
    • ‘Many people pointed out that social software seems to be a new term for things well known for many years.’
    • ‘The ground covered here is often described as Web 2.0, social media, participatory media, citizen journalism, user generated content, user driven innovation, and social software.’
    • ‘The presentation defines three levels of social interaction, and explores whether social software could help each one.’
    • ‘Today social software fails, with a few exceptions, to deliver the same level of convenience at scale, but give it time.’
    • ‘He also lists three things people need to accept about building social software and four things to design for.’
    • ‘You can't release new social software these days without an immediate pile-on of commentary.’
    • ‘Similarly, MySpace, YouTube, podcasts and other bits of social software ply their trades by ensnaring us with platforms which promise us voices in a miasma of big-business owned media.’
    • ‘At the Social Tools for Enterprise Symposium, Euan Semple talked about his experiences implementing social software internally at the BBC.’
    • ‘Aside from the hype and dearth of useful ideas, social software has exposed some interesting trends that I didn't know existed.’
    • ‘Social software is a self-referential term if software is to be a placeholder for ways to communicate.’