Definition of Social Security number in US English:

Social Security number

(also SSN)


  • (in the US) a number in the format 000-00-0000, unique for each individual, used to track Social Security benefits and for other identification purposes.

    • ‘If they answer a painstakingly forged form, their credit card, personal identification, and Social Security numbers go straight to identity thieves, many of them in foreign countries.’
    • ‘In early 2003, IBM asked all its 150 health insurance providers to stop using the Social Security number as an identifier.’
    • ‘But your Social Security number absolutely identifies you.’
    • ‘The New York Department of Motor Vehicles has launched a crackdown on people using fake Social Security numbers to obtain New York State driver's licenses.’
    • ‘In other words, potential employees with Social Security numbers, bank accounts and driver's license give an employer little reason to question their legal status.’
    • ‘The targets of the calls were told they were not registered to vote and that they could ensure registration by supplying their Social Security numbers and other personal information.’
    • ‘Hospitals want to use common-sense methods of identifying cases eligible for reimbursement - for example, counting all indigent patients who give invalid Social Security numbers.’
    • ‘Don't give out personal identifying information like your Social Security number, driver's license number or bank account number.’
    • ‘Discourage your bank from using the last four digits of your Social Security number as your personal identification number.’
    • ‘He wants his clients to know he's guarding their salary, Social Security numbers and property information and will not send their tax returns to be processed in another country.’
    • ‘I'm not opposed to a government-sponsored program that assists legal citizens who have Social Security numbers to try to find work.’
    • ‘Legislators are proposing state bills to keep Social Security numbers and other financial data private.’
    • ‘Information used in identity theft, including Social Security numbers and dates of birth, was not stored with the credit card accounts.’
    • ‘The crimes they were accused of were committed by phantoms - identity thieves, who have stolen their names, Social Security numbers, addresses and telephone numbers.’
    • ‘It delivers a guaranteed benefit check in my name every month and is identified by my personal Social Security number.’
    • ‘Don't give out your Social Security number as a form of identification.’
    • ‘When you claim a dependent, you're required to list the individual's Social Security number on your tax return.’
    • ‘The appliance would block out names, credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, and other identifying information.’
    • ‘For example, schools and pediatric offices routinely request children's Social Security numbers for registration purposes.’
    • ‘And we do know that our information, our personal information, our Social Security numbers, our tax history, all kinds of things, are held in literally thousands of places.’


Social Security number