Definition of social gospeler in US English:

social gospeler


  • See social gospel

    • ‘But we're awful at speaking up loudly and boldly and trying to fix the broken edges of our society, afraid that someone might consider us a liberal or a socialist or a social gospeller.’
    • ‘Most Canadian social gospellers took World War One as one more part of the great crusade for reforming the world.’
    • ‘The crux of his argument is that the social ethics espoused by social gospellers, Christian realists and Catholic bishops are all rooted in liberalism and its belief in progress.’
    • ‘As part of their agenda, social gospellers felt the government needed to provide assistance for the unemployed and disabled and to regulate industries so that they would be forced to be more socially responsible.’
    • ‘He was an active social gospeller and advocate of temperance, and he became senior Protestant chaplain to the Canadian forces during WWI.’