Definition of soapbox derby in US English:

soapbox derby

(also Soap Box Derby)


  • A race for children driving motorless, improvised vehicles made from crates and crudely resembling race cars.

    • ‘A group of middle school boys are competing in a soapbox derby set in gently rolling hills.’
    • ‘A soapbox derby will be held in Castle Street on September 5, with organisers needing a bumper set of entrants to cover rising insurance costs.’
    • ‘Here he comes, puttering up in his little soapbox derby car with its duck horn.’
    • ‘One of the most popular events is always the soapbox derby and this year there could be a change of scenery for competitors as organisers are considering moving the event from Castle Street to Mortimer Street.’
    • ‘Today, soapbox derby has been technologized all out of proportion to the point where very few, if any, practice it.’
    • ‘He built the soapbox derby racers that many of us did, but Bruce went further.’
    • ‘When I was a junior at New York University he was the winning Cub Scout in a soapbox derby.’
    • ‘While I welcome anything that makes life more exciting, including plagues, famines, train derailments, soapbox derby related deaths, and total chaos, I tend to prefer it be organized.’
    • ‘Other York events on the day itself included a soapbox derby in Jute Road and a children's party in the Regent Cinema.’
    • ‘There are street dances and ice sculptures, canoe races and pancake breakfasts, snow baths and ice fishing, soapbox derbies and dog-sled races.’
    • ‘Then again, you're not exactly buying decal space on your next-door-neighbor's kid's soapbox derby car.’
    • ‘It's a red soapbox derby racer, adult size, mint condition.’