Definition of snugly in US English:



  • 1In a comfortable, warm, and cozy or well-protected manner.

    ‘the baby nestled snugly in his rescuer's arms’
    ‘they were snugly tucked into bed’
    • ‘They heard a groan from inside the tent, where Gladstone was wrapped up snugly in a sleeping bag.’
    • ‘He confidently sailed his own boat with his family and crew all snugly asleep in their bunks below.’
    • ‘The baby is wrapped snugly in a blanket, with only its head visible.’
    • ‘The warmth of a bed, the soft warm covers pulled up snugly around her, and an adventure before her.’
    • ‘The contents were snugly bundled up in multiple layers of bubble wrap.’
  • 2In a way that is tight or close-fitting; securely.

    ‘the collar should fit snugly around your neck’
    ‘the phone sits snugly in the cradle’
    • ‘Subsidence has caused the snugly fitted stones to move apart.’
    • ‘I followed him down the dusty stairs while he closed the door snugly behind us.’
    • ‘The hotel complex fits snugly into an existing depression in the ground.’
    • ‘Suppose the switch has a nice firm click and the cord is snugly plugged into the outlet.’
    • ‘Wedge-shaped corner inserts hold the computer printers snugly in place during shipping.’