Definition of snug in US English:



  • 1Comfortable, warm, and cozy; well protected from the weather or cold.

    ‘she was safe and snug in Ruth's arms’
    ‘a snug cottage’
    • ‘On the second floor, curved ceilings impart a snug, protected feeling to the bedrooms.’
    • ‘Still, once a fire is crackling, it is a warm, snug shelter.’
    • ‘He is known for braving snow and rain to produce his work, but tiring of the recent bad weather he is also looking for some snug vantage points.’
    • ‘She usually didn't mind the cold but today she felt like being snug and warm.’
    • ‘The warm, comfortable bed that has kept you snug throughout the night just seems to be begging you to stay.’
    • ‘But for now we drift off, snug in our bed.’
    • ‘Wood and stained glass partitions help to give it that warm, intimate feel, with a particularly nice snug area near the door.’
    • ‘They all made themselves comfortable inside their snug and warm sleeping bags.’
    • ‘It was into this relaxing and snug atmosphere that I sank back into a comfortable bench seat and partook of a spot of lunch.’
    • ‘Blue orchard bees typically stay on the job despite weather that sends other bees buzzing back to their snug hives.’
    • ‘Most of them have balconies, too, and on a clear night you will be zipping back and forth between the stupendous sight of the Matterhorn and the snug reassurance of your fireplace.’
    • ‘They share a snug house, with friends nearby and neighbors who look out for them.’
    • ‘Castle Mountain Resort, set in a snug valley in the southern Rockies west of Pincher Creek, is where expert skiers and snowboarders should head for the goods in Wild Rose Country.’
    • ‘The children are welcomed aboard with hot spiced wine; the cabins are snug and luxurious, with much ornamentation.’
    • ‘She felt like staying in bed a while longer, snug under the warm blankets, but her stomach would not let her, any more than her curiosity.’
    • ‘Jake's soft against me, pulled up, and I've leant my head against his chest and his arm's round me and it's comfortable and snug and warm, and nice.’
    • ‘Muffle yourselves in your snug blankets or sit by your cosy fireside.’
    • ‘Despite their humble circumstances and cramped flat, the Drakes have a snug, welcoming household.’
    • ‘In inclement weather, it feels particularly snug pausing in the lounge with a book, or looking out to the turbulent sea through its large windows.’
    • ‘It was cold out there, but underneath the blanket she was snug and warm.’
    cosy, comfortable, warm, homely, cheerful, welcoming, friendly, congenial, hospitable, relaxed, restful, reassuring, intimate, sheltered, secure
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    1. 1.1archaic (of an income or employment) allowing one to live in comfort and comparative ease.
  • 2(especially of clothing) very tight or close-fitting.

    ‘a well-shaped hood for a snug fit’
    • ‘Elbow pads need to stay put when you slide, too, so be sure they have sturdy straps and a snug fit.’
    • ‘He was wearing a pair of very snug jeans and blue shirt, which brought out his dark blue eyes.’
    • ‘The overall fit is very snug, but you can wiggle your toes.’
    • ‘Offer them snug and stylish wetsuits to keep out the cold.’
    • ‘The jeans were not too snug and not too large either.’
    • ‘The final fit should be snug enough so that the helmet doesn't shift front to back or side to side.’
    • ‘They should be snug, not allowing a lot of foot movement inside.’
    • ‘Oddly today he wore a loose black button-up shirt and somewhat snug black jeans.’
    • ‘I'm five-eleven and on the slim side, so I generally end up with jackets that are snug but too short in the sleeves.’
    • ‘A black leather belt was snug around my waist.’
    • ‘If they're too snug, the waistband will curl over the belt.’
    • ‘Like the original the door has a sliding piece and this clips into the rear of the aircraft to ensure a snug fit.’
    • ‘He was wearing a black t-shirt that he tucked into his snug blue jeans.’
    • ‘Cut each piece of insulation an inch or two longer than needed, to assure a snug fit.’
    • ‘The fit is quite snug, and I don't think this will be detrimental in performance.’
    • ‘The fit should be snug but not confining - remember, they'll stretch a bit with use.’
    • ‘Have the child wear sleeves that are snug at the wrist, mittens (they are warmer than gloves) and water-resistant coats and shoes.’
    • ‘In seconds the angle of the arms had been adjusted to a snug but comfortable fit.’
    • ‘She is a tall and slim model-like blond with blue eyes and wrapped in a snug coat with some black pants and tennis shoes also.’
    • ‘They are sized a bit large so go with a smaller size for a snug fit.’
    tight, close-fitting, figure-hugging, skintight, slinky, close, sheath
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  • A small, comfortable public room in a pub or inn.

    • ‘Why, was it only 20 years ago that we held our first, humble get-together in the snug of the Cat & Hacksaw in Sturminster Parva?’
    • ‘It lacked Tarana's homely gaggle of locals, but made up for it by having a 4ft kangaroo lounging decadently in front of the fire in the snug.’
    • ‘There is even a cozy snug for after-dinner drinks and chocolates, complete with board games and an open fire.’
    • ‘Everything feels solid and looks attractive while various snugs and plenty of seats ensures a level of privacy when the music isn't playing.’
    • ‘I arrive early, since the Crown offers the eager and initiated a unique and wonderful reward: snugs.’
    • ‘It was an open-plan design before this renovation with snugs on one side and the shop on the other.’
    • ‘It's such an unusual shape, with nooks and crannies and little attic bedrooms here and little snugs there.’
    • ‘We pass on, pausing only a couple of times for me to bump my head on bits of metal protruding from various ladders, down into a room that looks like the snug of a golf-club bar.’
    • ‘That provincial England closed at nightfall, save for two bingo halls and some old boys playing dominoes in the snug.’
    • ‘It now benefits from a total revamp which has given the pub a greater feeling of space, yet you can still have a quiet drink in its many snugs.’
    • ‘Famed for its cosy snugs and hearty bar food its antiquated interior creates an atmosphere that some modern bars will never recreate.’
    • ‘He expelled a spray of fine white foam which almost extinguished the great log fire in the corner of the snug.’
    • ‘It's all too easy to settle into one of the vaulted snugs and get happily drunk to talk of political intrigue.’
    • ‘The main bar greets you and you can enjoy your drink down by the fireplace or in one of its comfortable snugs.’
    • ‘Its stone walls, large fireplace, old snugs and nautical artefacts give it a rare character, and there is live music every night.’
    • ‘With all new seating installed in the snugs and a beautiful dark oak bar centrally located, you are now served more quickly, with the bar facilities on both sides of the house.’
    • ‘Under the provisional plans, the wall separating the bar and the snug would be knocked down.’
    • ‘He sounds rather more ignorant and ill-informed than the average bloke in the snug; distressing.’
    • ‘When eyes meet and glasses clatter, ‘Cheers’ rings out around the wooden snugs like it has done many times before.’
    • ‘Open fires, stained-glass and prints of old Paisley are nice talking points, but perhaps the most idiosyncratic features are the three snugs at the pub's rear.’


North American
  • 1with object and adverbial of direction Place (something) safely or cozily.

    ‘she tucks him in, snugging the blanket up to his chin’
    • ‘I snugged the rifle into my shoulder, relaxing…’
    • ‘He comes up beside me and snugs his arm around my shoulders.’
    • ‘Pull the ribbon ends through the loop, and gently snug the knot against the hole.’
    • ‘He works fast, snugging packages into place in the back of a truck, using cargo pillows he inflates with a fat air hose.’
    • ‘We hike back to the boat, snug our life jackets, and push off, the first set of waves and holes going by almost without my notice.’
    • ‘Same as last year, a secure fit comes from two large, well-placed Velcro straps, with the option of laces to snug 'em down even more.’
    • ‘Please, put away the breaker bar and just snug the nuts.’
    • ‘Cane finished snugging the laces, took a step, and disappeared in a blur of motion.’
    • ‘In my experience, that one needs snugging up now and then.’
    • ‘He laughs, snugging his cap down over his monk's coif of graying hair.’
    • ‘He motioned weakly and she saw that his wrists were snugged into binders.’
    • ‘Self-tightening seat belts snug you in place, and inflatable curtain air bags pop out to cushion blows to your head.’
    • ‘We found that snugging the belt very tight around your waist so it was comfortable out of the water made it fit too tightly once you were in the water.’
    • ‘Check with your mechanic to make sure there's no requirement for play in any loose item before you snug it down tight.’
    • ‘Thread the tube on and off a few times without snugging it down to make sure it's spinning down fully where it should.’
    1. 1.1no object, with adverbial of direction Settle comfortably and cozily.
      ‘the passengers snugged down among the cargo’
      • ‘I was also wearing the toastiest socks on God's Green Earth and I had brought down the spare duvet under which I was intending to snug down for the long haul.’
      • ‘She muttered to herself snugging in the couch and began reading.’
      • ‘Jack sat next to her and she snugged up underneath the covers.’
      • ‘Maxine stirred, yawned, rolling over and snugging up against me, her breasts pressing against my side and an arm draped over my chest.’
      • ‘I woke late the next morning snugged warmly in Scott's bed… without Scott.’
      nestle, curl up, huddle, huddle up, cuddle up, cuddle up to, nuzzle, nuzzle up to, settle, ensconce oneself, lie close to
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  • snug as a bug (in a rug)

    • In an extremely comfortable position or situation.

      • ‘Immersed in the wrap, I was as snug as a bug in a rug and it was it hard to believe how quickly the 20 minutes passed when the therapist removes you from your cocoon.’
      • ‘Unbelievably for me I failed to put my foot through the ceiling, or fall through the loft hatch, or step on any water pipes, and every winter we are as snug as a bug in a rug.’
      • ‘It will give you a way of running away from life, to dream, to be comfortable… snug as a bug in a rug.’
      • ‘I do not feel as snug as a bug in a hermetically sealed rug.’
      • ‘But we were snug as a bug in our cottage.’
      • ‘The front wheel fits as snug as a bug in a rug, but we'd advise use of a quick release.’
      • ‘That night the rain continued to fall and the wind to blow a gale, but we were snug as a bug.’
      • ‘Late in the evening Graham called to confirm he'd had a safe journey and was settled into his little wooden staff cabin snug as a bug in a rug.’
      • ‘On December 11, 1941, four days after Pearl Harbor, he wrote a letter home: ‘I don't want to leave my normal way of life, but I'm not going to sit up here snug as a bug, playing football, etc., when others are giving their lives for their country.’’
      • ‘No pressure at all from Germany; at the back, Latvia look as snug as a bug in a rug.’


Late 16th century (originally in nautical use in the sense ‘shipshape, compact, prepared for bad weather’): probably of Low German or Dutch origin.