Definition of snowy plover in US English:

snowy plover


  • A small white-breasted plover related to the ringed plover, found on most continents.

    Charadrius alexandrinus, family Charadriidae

    • ‘While some snowy plovers remain in their coastal breeding areas year-round, others migrate south or north for winter.’
    • ‘At the time the species was listed, approximately 1,500 western snowy plovers nested in the United States.’
    • ‘The majority or snowy plovers return to the same site year after year to breed and raise their young.’
    • ‘The major threats to the snowy plover are dewatering, loss of wetland habitats and human disturbance at nest sites.’
    • ‘The number of snowy plovers wintering at the site has increased as well, more than doubling since the program began.’