Definition of snowy egret in US English:

snowy egret


  • A North American egret with all-white plumage, black legs, and yellow feet.

    Egretta thula, family Ardeidae

    • ‘Every spring, about 100 pairs nest here along with great blue herons and snowy egrets.’
    • ‘The snowy egret often hunts by shuffling its feet back and forth in the water, stirring things up so it can eat them.’
    • ‘Most belong to snowy egrets and little blue herons, who make a fine nautical color combination of crisp white and slate.’
    • ‘Tall, leggy herons and the white snowy egrets wait patiently along the tidal creeks for small fish to swim by.’
    • ‘Mallows Bay now harbors herons, snowy egrets, and American bald eagles.’