Definition of snowsuit in English:



  • A child's one- or two-piece coverall with a warm lining for protection against cold and often with a water-repellent outer material.

    • ‘When you're dressed in a snowsuit, you've got all this padding, anyway.’
    • ‘They looked like triplets in their matching snowsuits and hats, and I figured that even if they weren't the most skilled young skiers out on the trails, they were the cutest.’
    • ‘You're wrapped tightly in a snowsuit; below you is a trail that leads to a comfortable lodge and a cup of warm tea.’
    • ‘There was Justin, all bundled up in a huge black snowsuit, throwing a snowball at Tiffany.’
    • ‘Sinking into the Minnesota lake was strangely comfortable, Jimmy's muscles paralyzed and helpless, his arms and legs, bulky inside the snowsuit, wrapping around him in a self-embrace.’
    • ‘They dressed me in a pink snowsuit and gave me a pink sled which gave me the impression that girls were different from boys, and that girls were supposed to like pink and purple while boys were supposed to like blue and green.’
    • ‘I wonder if she'd take offense if I ask her to put on a snowsuit.’
    • ‘As soon as they could walk, my mother and aunts were shoved outside to play, in snowsuits in the winter.’
    • ‘In the front of the minivan were two men dressed in black snowsuits, both of them wearing dark sunglasses.’
    • ‘Among the items I chose was a navy blue cotton jacket lined in cream, with colorful buttons; a sweater knit with green and red in a strawberry design; and a purple fleece snowsuit with yellow stars and wavy piping.’
    • ‘But the fact that it was knit from teddy-bear-colored yarn renders it harmless, transforming a costume that might have conveyed a sense of danger into one that could function as a snug snowsuit.’
    • ‘That, plus a snowsuit, has kept her warm on cold days.’
    • ‘I stripped off my sodden socks and my snowsuit, already reeking of wet wool, and left them on the radiator.’
    • ‘I grew up in Ottawa where wearing snowsuits under your Halloween costume is de rigueur, so this probably shouldn't phase me.’
    • ‘Outdoors a knit or fleece cap, sweater, and blankets or a snowsuit are needed over their indoor clothes.’
    • ‘Eventually, I'd hauled off my boots and snowsuit and headed upstairs to report in.’
    • ‘The hats will also fit under a snowsuit's or jacket's hood, giving a warm woolen lining to the waterproof fabric.’
    • ‘And, while customers were shopping, they often bought a snowsuit or other merchandise which cost much more than a pair of gloves, hats or mittens.’
    • ‘You design your Halloween costume to fit over a snowsuit.’
    • ‘Also, invest in a very thick down feather snowsuit, and bring along a space heater connected to a generator for constant heat no matter where you go.’