Definition of snowpack in US English:



  • A mass of snow on the ground that is compressed and hardened by its own weight.

    ‘the snowpack is melting’
    ‘a decent depth of snowpack’
    • ‘Spring came and the snowpack melted like an ice cube on hot asphalt, instead of compacting and forming the vast fields of perfect-corn snow we expected.’
    • ‘Will the rains increase and saturate the existing snowpack, or will the magical transformation to snow begin?’
    • ‘It's not easy for getting around but last year was pretty dry and we didn't have much of a snowpack.’
    • ‘He digs snow pits to look for weak layers in the snowpack, and cuts sections of the slope with his skis to see if he can dislodge unstable pockets.’
    • ‘It would be another five months - after the spring thaw had broken up the snowpack - until the search resumed.’
    • ‘The Canadian Avalanche Association lists avalanche danger in the south coast of British Columbia as low to moderate, but warns warming of the snowpack as temperatures rise in February can lead to greater avalanche danger.’
    • ‘He discovered that the shape of snow crystals, which forecasters rely on to make their hazard assessments, is not the best indicator of the strength of the snowpack.’
    • ‘In mid-December, 150 people made their way to the retreat center up the steep mountain road from the plains below, driving gingerly over the snowpack and ice.’
    • ‘He also did several compression tests, which evaluate weak layers in the snowpack that might be prone to being triggered by a skier.’
    • ‘From the shrinking snowpack of Western Washington through the unseasonable fog and heat of California to the drought of Baja, something was up with the climate, and people were rattled.’
    • ‘The snowpack in the Seymour, Capilano and Coquitlam watersheds which supply drinking water for the Vancouver area is at about 50 per cent of normal levels for this time of year.’
    • ‘Even here in Vancouver, we have much lower than usual snowpacks on the local mountains, which makes for lousy skiing.’
    • ‘Given the poor snowpack, that seemed like a good plan, so I decided to stop feeling responsible for people in the mountains and just enjoy the scenery.’
    • ‘The location of algae within the snow can change dramatically during summer days when warm temperatures and intense sun can melt the snowpack by 10 cm or more each day.’
    • ‘Yet abundant snowfall and a reliable snowpack are just about guaranteed in Callaghan Country.’
    • ‘Each avalanche season has its own unique meteorological history and risk profile, as weather and temperature build layers in the snowpack.’
    • ‘The surface is mushy in places, icy and unyielding in others, and higher up there are rock chutes and faces protruding through the snowpack.’
    • ‘The distance from the receding edge to the point of contact of the snowpack with the ground was measured, as was the height of the receding edge above the ground and the thickness of the receding edge.’
    • ‘An avalanche forecaster ferrets out a dangerous weakness in the snowpack with the shovel shear test.’
    • ‘The next day, the bright Arizona sunshine was back in action, melting the snowpack in the Huachuca Mountains.’