Definition of snowfall in US English:



  • 1A fall of snow.

    ‘heavy snowfalls made travel absolutely impossible’
    • ‘Only a thin metal wall protected her from the winter's third snowfall.’
    • ‘As they brace themselves for the big thaw following this week's snowfall, the people of York might not have needed a reminder of flooding.’
    • ‘I look over to where the snow bank remained last week, the last vestiges of a record five-foot February snowfall.’
    • ‘But the paltry amount of snow here is a relief compared to the four-foot snowfalls we'd receive at least five times a year in Montreal.’
    • ‘I moved here in March of 2001 and just missed the most significant snowfall for years by six weeks.’
    • ‘The South African Weather Service warned yesterday that most parts of South Africa would experience cold and rainy weather with the possibility of snowfalls over the next few days.’
    • ‘Temperatures plummeted in the Eastern Cape over the weekend as a heatwave gave way to rain and snowfalls in some areas in just 24 hours.’
    • ‘The last two days have bought with them my wished for snowfall.’
    • ‘The West Yellowstone Fall Camp begins with the first snowfalls of November and runs until the first of December.’
    • ‘Like rain storms and snowfalls, we have no control over anything that nature has given to us.’
    • ‘Meanwhile emergency services were bracing themselves for more heavy snowfalls.’
    • ‘Then further snowfalls are expected which will add to the snow already at the skiing areas.’
    • ‘Storm warnings were posted from Wisconsin to New England, as heavy snowfalls were reported in many areas.’
    • ‘In Bolton there was a four inch snowfall over night.’
    • ‘On the Western Slopes the rainfall gradually decreases, together with the frequency of winter snowfalls.’
    • ‘Freezing temperatures and snowfalls return by the end of August.’
    • ‘It happened last Sunday, during New York's one and only snowfall this winter.’
    • ‘After a winter of meager snowfalls, another drought is likely.’
    • ‘However, this negative correlation may be due to an association between precipitation and damaging snowfalls or ice storms.’
    • ‘The sliding door to the back was sparkling clean and the footprints in the back yard had been covered with last night's snowfall.’
    1. 1.1 The quantity of snow falling within a given area in a given time.
      ‘winters with above-average snowfall’
      • ‘It is still below freezing in the mountains despite the higher temperatures, hence more snowfall and bigger glaciers.’
      • ‘Standing residue in the field helps capture valuable moisture from this year's above average snowfall.’
      • ‘This past winter, a Colorado outfit was paid $650,000 to boost snowfall around the Denver area.’
      • ‘In fact, there's a 100 times as much snowfall and precipitation in south Greenland as there is in the north.’
      • ‘The area's average annual snowfall of almost 500 inches promises soft landings, too.’
      • ‘On average, we've seen anywhere between three and eight inches of snowfall.’
      • ‘Van is currently getting dumped with its annual 6 inch snowfall.’
      • ‘This was quite odd this time of year, considering the high average snowfall amount Vermont was famous for.’
      • ‘If snowfall within the basin continues to remain below normal, these estimates will be lowered.’
      • ‘But a series of warm winters have reduced snowfall in many parts of Scotland, leaving many distilleries short of melt-water.’
      • ‘The avid skier may be interested in comparing the average snowfall at Soldier Mountain, ID.’
      • ‘Panorama averages 475 centimetres of snowfall annually, one of the lowest totals in the East Kootenay.’
      • ‘Ross correctly points out that the southeast corner of the Greenland Ice Sheet is a relatively warm area with very high snowfall.’
      • ‘The average winter temperature is minus 7 degrees with an average annual snowfall of 74 inches.’
      • ‘Last winter, abundant snowfall promised the best skiing in years, but it also created a death trap.’
      • ‘The rate of snowfall needed to sustain a glacier depends on the rate of removal of glacier ice, called the ablation rate.’
      • ‘In this climate, when you measure snowfall in tons, you have to.’
      • ‘Normal to above normal snowfall this winter will be needed to bring these systems back to normal.’
      • ‘It is bursting back to life earlier too now, due to an ongoing drought that has reduced snowfall in the area.’
      • ‘In spring, if there has been a good winter snowfall, the volume of water going over the waterfalls is unparalleled.’