Definition of snowball bush in US English:

snowball bush

(also snowball tree)


  • A guelder rose, especially one of a sterile variety that produces large globular white flower heads.

    • ‘It has been a hot, dry summer and even though I've been watering my snowball bushes, they look almost dead.’
    • ‘Also currently open are weigela (also pictured), snowball trees, and some kind of phlox-y type things.’
    • ‘Our home is 30 years old, and when we bought it, the back was beautifully landscaped with snowball bushes, mock orange shrubs and a lovely white azalea.’
    • ‘Growing around the corner were large lilac and snowball bushes that had long since lost their blossoms.’
    • ‘If you've longed for a particular kind of snowball bush you've admired from a distance but can't find it at a store or in a catalog, ask permission to take a stem cutting.’
    • ‘The honeysuckle bushes, snowball bushes and elm trees always seem to have their share of aphids.’
    • ‘The library should be below, with the bookshelves, and the glass door opening on the snowball bushes.’
    • ‘Being on the lazy - er, laid back side, I'm not too likely to dig up the snowball bush unless I get really, really frustrated.’
    • ‘Oh and outside my kitchen window I have a rose, snowball bushes and sweet shrub!’
    • ‘This spring our snowball bush was beautiful and loaded with blossoms, at least until we started to get so much rain.’
    • ‘Other inviting locations include by the pond, on the terrace, down by the snowball bushes close to the river, and up by the gazebo on the edge of the pine woods.’
    • ‘Mountain laurel, snowball bushes, and the giant magnolia are still found in nature's original settings.’
    • ‘I could have filled a whole garden with snowball trees this way!’
    • ‘From early spring to late autumn it smells sweet with various scents - chestnut, rowan, lilac, and snowball trees fill the air with scents changing one after another.’
    • ‘I was looking at my snowball bush yesterday and noticed it was decimated.’
    • ‘The garden was backed by a whole row of snowball bushes and the garden contained old-fashioned flowers such as bleeding hearts, peonies, iris, and lilies of the valley.’
    • ‘The snowball bushes in our yard are huge this year and have burst forth with giant white blooms.’
    • ‘I couldn't believe that this large 15-inch or so long hawk was in our snowball bush twice in one day.’
    • ‘The snowball bushes are blooming on West Bank right outside the door of Blegen Hall.’
    • ‘The snowball tree makes a growth in many respects like the common hedge maple, and the leaves are similarly lobed.’