Definition of snow crab in US English:

snow crab


  • An edible spider crab found off the eastern seaboard of Canada.

    Chionoecetes opilio, section Oxyrhyncha

    • ‘Scavengers like the snow crab and American lobster underwent incredible population explosions as the cod stocks collapsed.’
    • ‘She also harvests snow crab, using Cheticamp as a base during that season.’
    • ‘Today modern fiberglass fishing boats 35-65 feet in length make four or five-day trips to catch snow crab and shrimp up to 140 miles north and east of Fogo Island.’
    • ‘We suspect that a similar dynamic occurs off Greenland, where snow crab catches have also increased recently.’
    • ‘Previous results applied in the case of workers exposed seasonally to snow crab, which is a different context of exposure from the one encountered in the current series.’
    • ‘The insurance barrier will be felt at Tokyo's Tsukiji market, the world's largest fish market, where North Korea is a major supplier of snow crabs, sea urchins and short neck clams.’
    • ‘The village's three fish plants employ more than 400 people who are kept busy, at least seasonally, processing lobster, snow crab, and groundfish.’
    • ‘When the season starts, expect lobster, snow crab, lamb and expensive imported cuts to be on the grill.’
    • ‘A clear mushroom soup made the old fashion way through clarification, a complex operation compared to the way Chinese chefs are producing soups, is also served, garnished with cured snow crab.’
    • ‘Try a lobster roll dipped in butter or a fine gourmet meal of snow crabs or scallops at one of the islands’ many restaurants.’
    • ‘The most important crab fisheries take place in the N. Pacific, especially the Bering Sea, where king crabs of the genus Paralithodes and snow crabs of the genus Chionoecetes are taken in larger quantities than any other groups.’
    • ‘Certain species, such as snow crab and shrimp, have greatly increased their biomass since one of their natural predators, the cod, has declined.’
    • ‘Fisheries managers apply a continuous growth model in their management of snow crab, which assumes that male crabs increase in size throughout their lifespan.’
    • ‘In 1989, a new fishery for snow crab was organized in Nuuk.’