Definition of snobbish in English:



  • Of, characteristic of, or like a snob.

    ‘the writer takes a rather snobbish tone’
    • ‘That arrogant, lazy smile swept across his stupid snobbish face as he halted, blocking my path.’
    • ‘They look like members of a snobbish elite who relish their wealth and their sense of superiority.’
    • ‘It is an outrageous comment, which could only have come from someone who is more arrogant, snobbish and out of touch than the prince he is condemning.’
    • ‘If this profession of my love for my own name makes me an arrogant and snobbish character, so be it.’
    • ‘His way of life may seem a bit ostentatious, but his energy and enthusiasm is infectious, and there is nothing snobbish or affected about him.’
    • ‘Emma is a comic figure partly because of the preposterous nature of her snobbish pretensions.’
    • ‘Some parents choose schools for what critics term snobbish motives.’
    • ‘She is their foil, the object of their farcical delusions and snobbish assumptions.’
    • ‘He doesn't think he got it from his parents, who as far as he can tell were not snobbish at all.’
    • ‘May one say that this is so without sounding hopelessly snobbish?’
    • ‘What makes this class of people snobbish rather than simply pretentious is their tendency to sneer.’
    • ‘I am fully aware that my reaction is exclusive, snotty and downright snobbish.’
    • ‘The bad news is that I'm vain, snobbish, a bit of a gossip and am rather divorced from most of the real world.’
    • ‘Photography shouldn't be snobbish, and smiley pictures can be a great record of a happy holiday.’
    • ‘There is nothing snobbish or elitist about the term.’
    • ‘Even the most obvious and patently true observation therefore runs the risk of appearing condescending, arrogant or snobbish.’
    • ‘But when he talks about it, it's more with incomprehension than snobbish disdain.’
    • ‘And, if you imagined Hollywood stars to be haughty, snobbish creatures, you are way off the mark.’
    • ‘Interest in pedigree used to be dismissed as snobbish.’
    • ‘Maybe I should be grateful that they are releasing alternative cuts in any format and just ignore the films I'm too snobbish to buy.’
    elitist, snobby, superior, supercilious, exclusive
    arrogant, proud, haughty, disdainful
    patronizing, condescending
    pretentious, affected
    snooty, uppity, high and mighty, la-di-da, fancy-pants, stuck-up, hoity-toity, snotty
    high-hat, toplofty
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