Definition of snit in US English:



North American
  • A fit of irritation; a sulk.

    ‘the ambassador and delegation had withdrawn in a snit’
    • ‘Major League Baseball is in a big snit over the Washington, D.C., city council's decision to stand up for itself over the cost of a new sports stadium.’
    • ‘Oh, this should get the far left in a nice little Christmas snit.’
    • ‘During the times when he's not in a snit about something, he can actually be fun.’
    • ‘My sister was in a snit from being grounded and I wanted to shake it out of her and tell her to stop being such a selfish brat.’
    • ‘You could forgive him for a snit here, a tantrum there, an errant expletive in front of an impressionable young fan once in a blue moon.’
    • ‘Zack wouldn't hear of waiting until tomorrow to decorate it, so in the interest of preventing a major snit, I acquiesced and dug out the stand and decorations.’
    • ‘I didn't quite mean to convey the image that I was in a snit because people disagreed with, or even disliked me.’
    • ‘You can't just pull it off the shelves in a snit.’
    • ‘She was in a snit when she left the farm, so you best tread carefully.’
    • ‘The result of that was a snit by me for a week, and a response by the managing editor to the head office that he would personally edit my work.’
    • ‘If she severs relations in a snit, well, so be it.’
    • ‘He left in a snit, flew home and hasn't been called since.’
    • ‘You've got the left already in a fight, and a lot of people in a snit about this, about who lost the election, so I don't think that unity is there.’
    • ‘In your angry little snit, you could've snapped at someone in a bad moment and we would've lost money!’
    • ‘If being in a snit got me rewarded like this, I'd have to be in a snit for him more often.’
    • ‘Here in the US the principal right that gets people in a snit is the right to property.’
    • ‘The snit is getting increasingly personal, too, with the French and German officials clashing with their American counterparts.’
    • ‘He'd been in such snits before, and many of his captors didn't live long enough to regret it.’
    • ‘Her snit fit was quite impressive to watch.’
    • ‘She was in too much of a snit to really pay attention to him.’
    fit of rage, rage, fury, fit of bad temper, fit of ill temper, bad temper, tantrum, passion, paroxysm
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1930s: of unknown origin.