Definition of snake eyes in US English:

snake eyes

plural noun

North American
  • 1treated as singular A throw of two ones with a pair of dice.

    • ‘If a player now rolls snake eyes, then that player is ‘entitled’ to lose a turn.’
    • ‘The term snake eyes is the outcome of rolling the dice in a game of craps and getting only one pip on each die.’
    • ‘Would you please advise me what the probability is of rolling snake eyes on a pair of dice is?’
    1. 1.1 The worst possible result; a complete lack of success.
      ‘his elegant, amusing book sadly came up snake eyes’
      • ‘The two Alexandres initially sought out a larger, industrial space, but what with zoning laws and such, they came up snake eyes.’
      • ‘But it is a marvelous display of overlapping solo voice, taking an artistic gamble that could too easily have come up snake eyes and delivering more than a mere novelty, Richard Cheese-style subversion of popular music.’
      • ‘Fox usually does a good job with most of their transfers, but this time they've come up snake eyes.’
      • ‘His attempts come up snake eyes - maybe it's just me, but I can't stand Thomas' overwrought acting style (he seems to play everything as if he's working on a community college production).’
      • ‘I looked for Michael Bay's name on the credits but came up snake eyes.’


snake eyes

/ˈsnāk ˌīz//ˈsneɪk ˌaɪz/