Definition of snake dance in US English:

snake dance


  • A dance in which the performers handle live snakes, imitate the motions of snakes, or form a line that moves in a zigzag fashion, in particular a ritual dance of the Hopi Indians involving the handling of live rattlesnakes.

    • ‘However, specific to Bangladesh are indigenous dances such as dhali, baul, maipuri, and snake dances.’
    • ‘One of the employees, draped in a sari, performed a snake dance, which enthralled the audience all through.’


[no object]
  • Perform a snake dance.

    • ‘Almost all of the rest of the students snake-danced at the rear of the exuberant parade.’
    • ‘PRINCETON, N.J., Nov.4. - Two thousand undergraduates snake-danced their way over the campus of old Nassau this evening, as Princeton's ‘Varsity football squad embarked for Cambridge and the Harvard game.’
    • ‘After the game, as the Princeton fans snake-danced around the field, tossing their hats over the goalposts in celebration of Princeton's 20 to 0 victory, the Philadelphia councilmen hurried to the Princeton dressing rooms to thank Roper for the marvelous arrangements he had made for them.’
    • ‘Following the ceremony the students again snake-danced their way down Linden Lane and on to Boston proper where they once again celebrated the momentous Boston College victory.’