Definition of smriti in US English:


nounPlural smritis

  • A Hindu religious text containing traditional teachings on religion, such as the Mahabharata.

    • ‘The Dharma Shastras are smritis, written by men who had vested interests and enforced as laws.’
    • ‘Smarta means a follower of classical smriti, particularly the Dharma Shastras, Puranas and Itihasas.’
    • ‘Neither shastras nor smritis suggest that there exists an immutable, universal moral doctrine.’
    • ‘‘JUSTICE, being destroyed,’ Manu wrote in his famous smriti, ‘will destroy; being preserved, it will preserve; therefore, it must never be violated.’’
    • ‘There are different views among Hindus about which scriptures are shruti and which fall into the other important category of sacred literature, smriti, that which is remembered or handed down.’


From Sanskrit smṛti ‘remembrance’.