Definition of smoking jacket in US English:

smoking jacket


  • A man's comfortable jacket, typically made of velvet, formerly worn while smoking after dinner.

    • ‘No longer in his emerald silk lapelled jacket, the Professor wore a smoking jacket made of magenta velvet with black piping.’
    • ‘He always wears a red smoking jacket and an ascot and a monocle at his parties, and really cool, eclectic people will be there.’
    • ‘I'm wearing my usual minute-by-minute attire Dave: a maroon crushed velvet smoking jacket, a fez, a monocle, expensive red silk pyjamas and politically incorrect ermine slippers.’
    • ‘I've never had any time for the sort of people who describe themselves as ‘wine enthusiasts’ and wear velvet smoking jackets at home on Friday evenings.’’
    • ‘The great English dandy wears chalkstripe trousers, damask waistcoats, velvet smoking jackets and embroidered leather coats, while combining them with eskimo, parkas, work jackets in leather, cotton and wool.’


smoking jacket

/ˈsmoʊkɪŋ ˌdʒækət//ˈsmōkiNG ˌjakət/